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Campus Style: Pretty In Pink

Fall fashion typically calls for dark tones and cozy layers, and there are many collegiettes who count down the days until they can wear black-on-black every day. However, with the warm weather our campus has been experiencing lately, embracing summer fashion can be a real lifesaver in the heat. With the nature of the weather down south, many students can be seen rocking bright styles all year long. Jenny Ryan was dressed to impress in a neon dress with a statement necklace and wedges at Rawlings Hall one evening. Her pink dress brightened up the whole area! Keep reading to learn where she finds her summery wardrobe essentials.

Name: Jenny Ryan

Age: 18

Year: freshman

Major: health science

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Jenny Ryan: “I’m wearing a bright pink dress with wedges. The dress is from an online boutique that’s up-and-coming called Hidden Arrow that a couple of my family friends started. I’m supporting them! I don’t know where my shoes are from, but my necklace is from Charlotte Russe.”

HC: What fashion-related things have you been interested in lately?
JR: “I really like Hidden Arrow! It’s an online boutique that’s really trendy and there are really cute things. I also like things that have good colors. I’m really into pops of bright colors.”

HC: If you could go shopping with any celebrity or fictional character who would you go with?
JR: “I love Blair from Gossip Girl because I like how her style is preppy but still simple. I love Selena Gomez and her style too, so I would love to go shopping with her.”

HC: What do you feel confident wearing?
JR: “I just love wearing happy, warm colors. Like I love pinks and yellows and colors that make me feel like I’m in a sunny, nice, warm place. I love dressing for summer and spring because those are when I can use the most colors and put them all into my outfit.”

Check out this fashionista’s Instagram at @jennyryanxoxo!

Allison is a freshman finance major at the University of Florida. She is thrilled to be the Her Campus UFL Campus Style Blogger. Outside of class, Allison can be found running off to Walt Disney World or watching hockey. Other interests include online shopping, cats, yoga, and dancing.
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