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Campus Style: Ph.D in Style

With the passing of our undergraduate years comes the inevitable transition to a mature and effortlessly casual wardrobe. Whether it’s in replacing tattered T-shirts for button-downs or growing out of really tiny short shorts (either literally or symbolically), we can optimistically assure ourselves that our style will always change for the better. Lennie Jones, a graduate student I found poring over a hardback copy of Wheelock’s Latin in the Library West courtyard, is a prime example of this. Not only was Lennie’s entire outfit colorful and eye-catching, but she managed to style it all in a way which definitely paid homage to the maxi dress’ Chicago and Senegalese roots. Keep reading to learn more about how this UF scholar brings a little bit of her fashion and life expertise to the sunny streets of Gainesville!


Name: Lennie Jones

Age: 33

Year: 3rd Year Ph.D

Major: Linguistics


Her Campus: What are you wearing and where did you buy it?

Lennie Jones: “Well, I’m wearing a maxi dress I bought in Chicago! I bought it there but it’s actually a Senegalese dress. That is, they brought it over from Senegal to Chicago.”


HC: How would you describe your personal style?

LJ: “Hmm, I don’t really know—whatever I like. Whatever I think is cute and fun.”


HC: Do you have any style icons?

LJ: “Not that I can think of… Is that bad? I guess I support whoever feels that they’re comfortable with what they have on or what they’re wearing. That would be my style icon.”


HC: Where do you like to shop?

LJ: “Oh, that’s hard! Anywhere. If I see something in the window and I like it, I’ll probably get it.”


HC: You said you bought the dress in Chicago. Would you say there’s a difference between Chicago fashion and fashion here in Gainesville?

LJ: Definitely. Obviously, we’re more laid-back with style here in Gainesville because of the weather. It’s always summer-casual [in Gainesville]. Chicago, on the other hand, has much more variety and a wider range of cultural groups, not to mention the difference in weather. Also, there’s a lot more high-fashion in Chicago.”


HC: Okay, last question of the day! Do you have any fashion tips for your fellow Gators?

LJ: Yeah—wear what you feel you are comfortable with, if that makes sense. Have fun with clothes and fashion. Don’t adhere to fashion rules or what people think, just wear what you love.”

Photo Credit: Anna Burbano


Anna Burbano is a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a B.A. in English. Alongside minoring in Classical Studies, she harbors a (not so secret) passion for fashion magazines and musical theatre. Most of the time, you’ll find Anna daydreaming about the following things: what life would be like as a Disney princess, meeting lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, or any number of dashing Jane Austen heroes (especially Northanger Abbey’s Mr. Tilney). Follow her at www.annaburbano.com!
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