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Campus Style: Just a Pop of Color

Fashion is meant to be fun, and despite those mornings when you just want to throw on yoga pants and a T-shirt, dressing nicely can help start your day out on the right foot.  When you put effort into your outfit, you look good and you feel good. This extra boost of confidence is always handy during the day, and it never hurts to look your best. I spotted Shaddae Smith rocking a gray shift dress with a brightly colored necklace, and I could tell that she put some thought into this look. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of this fashionista’s outfits in our calculus lecture, and I knew I needed to learn more about what she wears. Keep reading to find out where she finds her style inspiration every day!

Name: Shaddae Smith

Age: 19

Year: sophomore

Major: biology

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Shaddae Smith: “The shoes are from American Eagle. I’m pretty sure my dress is from Forever 21. My sister gave me this necklace for my birthday, so I have no idea where it’s from.”

HC: What is your favorite part of your outfit?

SS: “My favorite thing is the necklace because I think it’s unique. I like pearl-looking jewelry, and I like the colors.”

Her Campus: Where do you find style inspiration?

SS: “Sometimes I just wake up in a particular mood. So sometimes I may wake up and feel girly, so I’m like, ‘Let’s wear a dress.’ Then, usually I look for unique color combinations because I like colors. If I am wearing something gray and bland, I’ll try to match it with a colorful accessory. Other days I’ll feel more tomboyish, so I like wearing sneakers. I dress based on my mood.”

Her Campus: What are some of your favorite things in your closet right now?

SS: “My favorite things are my boyfriend jeans. I like my Nike Roshe [sneakers]. I can be kind of a tomboy sometimes. I also like sweater shirts that are knit.”

Her Campus: What trends are you looking forward to trying?

SS: “I’m actually excited for winter because this semester I get to be dressed up a lot. Last [winter] semester was a trial and error because it was hard to be cute and warm, but this time I’m taking on that challenge of being cute and warm at the same time.”

Allison is a freshman finance major at the University of Florida. She is thrilled to be the Her Campus UFL Campus Style Blogger. Outside of class, Allison can be found running off to Walt Disney World or watching hockey. Other interests include online shopping, cats, yoga, and dancing.
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