Campus Style: Hustle and Heart

Shopping for a unique wardrobe can be a serious struggle. It could take hours to comb through the racks at Forever 21 to find something to buy, and then you could see four other students wearing the same piece in your next lecture. If you’re the type of fashionista who needs to stand out from the crowd, boutiques and Etsy were made for you. Annalese Kraus shared her love for boutiques and customized jewelry that are hard to find in department stores. Keep reading to learn more about how she ensures that her outfits are one-of-a-kind!

Name: Annalese Kraus
Age: 19
Year: Junior
Major: Business administration

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Annalese Kraus: “My shoes are from Lulu’s, and my pants are from PacSun. My shirt is from the Lucky Brand. My watch is Daniel Wellington. I actually got it from the company that I interned with this summer. It’s a little boutique out of Atlanta called brits clothiers. My necklace is from Etsy, and my mom actually had 'hustle and heart' engraved on it for Christmas.”

HC: What’s your favorite part about your outfit?
AK: “I would say my shoes are my favorite part about this outfit. They’re brand new, and I have just been obsessed with the whole lace-up trend on Pinterest. I found them really cheap on Lulu’s, and I knew that I had to have them.”

HC: What have been your favorite trends recently?
AK: “I would definitely say that ripped-up boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite trends right now. I’m also really into everything being black because I love to wear all-black clothes. The all-black trend has been a thing for me.”

HC: What are you favorite places to go shopping in Gainesville?
AK: “In Gainesville, I do a lot of shopping at Wolfgang and Henri Girl. I’m definitely more into little boutiques than going to the mall. I don’t normally find a lot of stuff that I like at The Oaks Mall, but I do really like the PacSun there and Altar’D State.”

HC: How do you feel about getting dressed up for class?
AK: “I think it depends. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning and I’m motivated to get dressed and look pretty, but then I get into a nice outfit and think about how uncomfortable I’m going to be. I would rather have comfort than looks most of the time when I go to class. I try, but a lot of the times I like to stick with being comfy. I would much rather wear leggings and vintage New Balance shoes than be dressed up every day!”

Photo Credits: Allison Curry