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Campus Style: Free Spirit Flair

Embrace the end of the fall school semester by wearing out your cutest, most winsome smocks on campus!

Need a quick, go-to outfit example? Follow our style crush of the week: Alexandria Sellers.

Ms. Sellers, a 20-year-old Free People devotee and UF double major, is more than happy to share with you all what it takes to look 110% fabulous every single day. Keep reading for a fresh perspective on the best shopping and style icons to follow!

Name: Alexandria Sellers

Age: 20

Year: Sophomore

Major: English and history


Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Alexandria Sellers: “My shoes are from DSW, my shoes are from Free People and my jeans and jacket are also from Free People! It’s all from Free People, really.”


HC: I can probably guess the answer to this already, but where do you like to shop?

AS: “Either Free People or Anthropologie. I really like things that are comfortable and very laid back but still pretty and feminine, and I feel that those stores have the best to offer for those.”


HC: What’s your favorite piece in your wardrobe right now?

AS: “This jacket, actually. I’m not lying, I love this jacket so much.”


HC: How would you describe your personal style as?

AS: “Probably a mix of classic pieces, but also bohemian pieces as well. I always try to work those two elements in together.”


HC: Who are your style icons?

AS: “Audrey Hepburn is my absolute biggest fashion role model ever—I love her! Other than that, Blake Lively, obviously, or Leighton Meester, but only in Gossip Girl, not really outside of it.”


HC: Can you share some fashion advice for those reading?

AS: “My style advice would be to wear whatever you want to, and whatever makes you happy. Dressing for yourself is the most fulfilling thing—dressing for others is not. So, just dress for yourself and you’ll be fine.”


Photo Credits: Anna Burbano


Anna Burbano is a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a B.A. in English. Alongside minoring in Classical Studies, she harbors a (not so secret) passion for fashion magazines and musical theatre. Most of the time, you’ll find Anna daydreaming about the following things: what life would be like as a Disney princess, meeting lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, or any number of dashing Jane Austen heroes (especially Northanger Abbey’s Mr. Tilney). Follow her at www.annaburbano.com!
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