Campus Style: Fashionista with an International Flair

Many of us dream about shopping sprees across the globe, but what happens when those dreams turn into a reality? Do you go crazy with your spending at little boutiques, high-end brands or at tried-and-true chain stores? Katherine Scogin has an answer to these questions! She has lived out this dream of living on another continent, and she shared with me some style secrets of her international experience! Her personal style is also stellar. She looked great in a pair of fringe booties and paired them with a simple sweater and leggings combo to keep the look casual. Keep reading to learn more about the fashion Katherine experienced in Asia!


Name: Katherine Scogin
Age: 18
Year: freshman
Major: marketing

Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?
Katherine Scogin: “I’m wearing black leggings from Forever 21. I’m wearing brown suede fringe booties from Dillard’s. The top is a red, long-sleeved knit material from Forever 21. The necklace is from Forever 21 also. I lived in China for four years, and Forever 21 was the only shop that we actually had that was western!”

HC: Where did you live in China?
KS: “I lived in Shenzhen, China. It was right across from Hong Kong in the Guangdong region.”

HC: Where did you go shopping in China most often?
KS: “Forever 21 mostly! In Hong Kong, there was this six-story Forever 21 that we all loved to go to. It was a trip and a half, but it was worth it. They had everything, and you never walked out without something that you liked!”

HC: How did fashion in China differ from America?
KS: “Probably the most with oversized sweaters. They wear that a lot with big collars, like collared shirts underneath the sweaters, and just leggings. That’s kind of their style. They also had big bows as their accent piece. It’s all very kawaii [cute].”

HC: If you could take over the closet of a celebrity, whose closet would you choose?
KS: “I would probably take over Shay Mitchell’s, from Pretty Little Liars, closet. She’s goals. She’s very out there.  I like her leather jackets, and she wears a lot of really bold pieces. I’ve gotten a couple of leather jackets because I saw her wearing them!”

Check out this fashionista’s Instagram: @k4tsc0

Photo Credit: Allison Curry