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Campus Style: Business B&W

For most of us college students, mastering the basics of a work-friendly wardrobe is a special kind of skill set that’ll see us through the majority of our adult lives. No less important than a high WPM speed or the ability to seamlessly maneuver oneself from one basic Microsoft Excel task to the next, the act of “suiting” a la Barney Stinson up has even been thought to spark productivity in the workplace.

Luckily for us all, we have here one sharply dressed Gator gal to show us the ropes of dressing for work and internships. Maintaining impeccable personal style whilst adhering to a traditional workplace, Jennifer Jenkins, age 20, is an inspiration to every serious college fashionista. No doubt she’ll go on to do great things—very great things.



Name: Jennifer Jenkins

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism


Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Jennifer Jenkins: “The top and the pants are from H&M and the shoes are from Forever 21. The bag I got at Sandy’s, the thrift store, and it’s French Connection.”


HC: How would you describe your personal style as?

JJ: “I would describe it as feminine and classic. I like more traditional classic pieces but maybe sometimes I like it with a little twist, like this bow on my shirt.”


HC: Who are your style icons?

JJ: “I really like Lauren Santo Domingo, who runs Moda Operandi, an online fashion retailer. I know that she used to be an editor at Vogue, and I think she’s just really cool and has a timeless, pretty, elegant style. I also really like Olivia Palermo.”


HC: What’s your opinion on fashion trends? Do you follow them?

JJ: “I guess now I’m trying to think of things that I can mix and match without having to think too much about it. I really like pieces that never really go out of style. I mean, I do really like some trends that are in style, such as platform boots and some retro things, but I don’t really buy trends unless I know they’re going to fit in with whatever I already have.”


HC: What are your favorite stores or boutiques?

JJ: “I really like Zara and I do a lot of online shopping, like ASOS or Topshop online. H&M too. And of course Sandy’s as well because I work there!”


HC: What’s your favorite wardrobe piece at the moment?

JJ: “I actually really like this top because I feel I can wear it with anything and can make it casual with denim, or wear black pants or a skirt with it [to dress it up]. It’s just so easy to wear with different things, and it’s easy to style.”


HC: Favorite season?

JJ: “Fall, because I really like fall colors and I just think that a lot of the outerwear is a lot more fashionable than what we get to wear during the summer. Turtlenecks and blazers and things like that.”


HC: Okay, last question of the day! What’s your style advice for Gator gals reading this?

JJ: “I guess I would say whatever your style is, don’t buy something for your wardrobe unless you think it fits into your aesthetic. Because if you buy one thing on impulse that you think is really cool but you only wear it once, it’s like you don’t actually get your money’s worth out of it.”


Photo Credit: Anna Burbano


Anna Burbano is a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a B.A. in English. Alongside minoring in Classical Studies, she harbors a (not so secret) passion for fashion magazines and musical theatre. Most of the time, you’ll find Anna daydreaming about the following things: what life would be like as a Disney princess, meeting lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, or any number of dashing Jane Austen heroes (especially Northanger Abbey’s Mr. Tilney). Follow her at www.annaburbano.com!
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