Campus Spotlight: Maka Makes Everything

Being a UF student is quite difficult—classes aren’t as simple as they claim to be and managing your time is a real nightmare. Yet, we have some extraordinary gators like this month’s Campus Spotlight: Maka Brenn. Maka is a third-year Theatre major who just transferred here this semester. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Maka and discussing the many things we love about UF, our passion for film and her amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing music.

Maka’s Music

Maka’s music is truly exceptional. Through Her Campus UFL, I was able to discover her music, and I instantly was enamored with her single “Bubblegum”. It became my bop for the bus ride to school. It fascinated me how Maka made something so difficult to create feel effortless and care-free. When speaking to her about what inspires her music, she mentioned the image of a certain anime character that pops into her head whilst writing the song.

She admits that creating music takes time, and when selecting vocalists, she’s counted on friends to step in and lend their voices.

INsert video link:

Of the many things I noticed about Maka is her perseverance and her knowledge in composing music. She expresses the process of making music so clearly and offers advice on how to manage the software she uses to create her masterful music. Not only does she have extensive knowledge of the process, but she also understands the gender stratification in the EDM genre. I asked her about the difficulty of ‘making it’ in the EDM genre is, especially since it is male-dominated. Maka agreed that although it is difficult, there are still several women who break the barrier. Also, she posed an interesting perspective that many women turn away from EDM due to its computer-oriented nature.

Having dominated the EDM genre, Maka’s next target is Rap music. Her Spotify contains all of her songs, so go ahead and give it a listen!

Maka’s Movies

Maka also writes movies. It’s baffling to see a fellow student do so much while most of us sit at home all day watching Rupaul’s Drag Race (guilty as charged). Maka has been following her passion for filmmaking since she was a child. Throughout her whole life, she has known that her end goal in life is to become a successful writer. Her passion stems from the Fantasy genre, particularly the Harry Potter Series (I would place her in House Ravenclaw).

For those of you, like myself, who are obsessed and/or impressed with Maka, pay careful attention to her future film. Maka has been working alongside a fellow screenwriter to produce a thriller. To hear more about her upcoming film, make sure to watch the interview below.

If you’re a prospective or current student at UF interested in filmmaking, Maka advised to major in theatre because it provides you with a similar experience of what making a film is like.

Maka’s passion for film developed from her love of writing since childhood. Her next film project deals with two men who find themselves stuck in the woods and must figure out a way to survive together. One of the most re’maka’ble things about Maka is her vivid imagination that lends itself to her music, film and YouTube projects.

Maka’s Youtube Channel

This isn’t a surprise to anyone, but Maka also makes YouTube videos. Having subscribed and watched her first vlog, I got an inside look at who Maka is when she’s with her friends. Maka’s Youtube career started in order to further her music’s reach. She ventured away from making League of Legends videos to begin a vlogging series on her channel. She is also featured on her friend Alvaro’s YouTube channel where they interview students around UF about certain issues going on in Gainesville. Maka has made a name for herself not only in film-writing (she’s already produced a play) but also in music and YouTube.

What’s Next for Maka?

It might be harder to keep up with Maka than to keep up with a Kardashian. Her next move, other than finishing her next film project, is producing more vlogs for her YouTube channel. Maka also plans on branching out of EDM and publishing the rap music she’s been producing behind the scenes. Not to mention, she might even start a podcast (fingers crossed I get the chance to be in it).

For all who meet her, and for those of you reading about her, take her passion for film and music as an inspiration to follow your own dreams.

Watch our interview down here.