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Campus Living: How to be Environmentally Friendly

From stylish cars to eating organic foods, being eco-friendly has become a huge part of people’s lives. Luckily, this trend can be continued with your decorating!
Finding eco-friendly/organic products is not nearly as hard as I thought, or as expensive. But I want to clear up a few things first. The definition of being eco-friendly, according to Webster’s Online Dictionary, means it is “not environmentally harmful.” The definition of organic, as a verb, is “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms.”  
Thus, something that is eco-friendly may not necessarily be organic, but it still does not harm the earth. Something organic is made from the earth, which means the product has been created without chemicals.
Here are a few options for eco-friendly decorating:
Eco-Friendly Paint:
There are quite a few varieties of eco-friendly paint, one example being Sherwin-Williams. The company’s motto is to “minimize the impact on air quality and deliver maximum performance.” Sherwin-Williams includes a “GreenSure” stamp on its items to help you distinguish which of their products are eco-friendly.
A few other options include: The Freshaire Choice Paint, Mythic Non-Toxic Paint and Old Fashioned Milk Paint.
For more information about those three visit, www.lowimpactliving.com
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products:
Stay away from any products that include words like “danger,” “poison” or “caution” on labels. The safe products to buy say non-toxic or biodegradable. Clorox has a nice line of these products called “Green Works.”

Also, when you’re cleaning try to use reusable rags or mops. This way you can save nonrenewable resources while using eco-friendly cleaning products. It’s a win-win situation.
Organic Bedding:
“The Clean Bedroom” includes many different patterns for organic bedding. Some of their options included “The Clean Bedroom,” “Naturally Organic” and “LOOP.” According to the Website, these products help the environment by “preventing pollution of air, water and soil.” Additionally, because it is not made with chemicals, it is better for people who are chemically sensitive.
Happy eco-friendly living!

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