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Calling off the Coffee

Fall semester is just about in full swing. The first of exams are coming up, group work is being assigned, football is rejoining our weekend routines (finally) and there is even certain crispness in the air. As it almost feels like the blistering Florida summer heat is beginning to fade, even in the still 80 degrees heat, fall can officially be welcomed.

And the more the semester settles the more I have to say goodbye to my summer sandals and hello to all the horrible spending temptations, like coffee.

So far I’ve been good. I avoid Starbucks at all costs, literally. My walks to class are planned around not walking by one of the intoxicating coffee houses. Though lately I’ve been running into an issue: how do I meet up with someone for coffee without spending?

Bare with me here because things are about to get a little scary here. My suggestion of the week: bring your own. Whip out that giant tumbler you got from some club Secret Santa and fill it up with coffee before you leave your apartment every morning. I like to freeze a little bit of coffee into ice cubes that I slip in with my cream and sugar to keep my coffee cold and strong; just the way I like it.

Bringing your own is much cheaper and that way when you meet up with your history class group to work on your presentation you won’t have to order anything but you also won’t be the only one not sipping on a treat.

It’s hard to resist the pumpkin spice crack that Starbucks calls coffee but with some digging in Publix you could probably find a similarly flavored coffee creamer.

It may seem like a lot more effort than simply blurting out the size and make of coffee you’d like to drink but when you stick to that $50 a week budget the satisfaction will surely outweigh the effort and sacrifice.

Plus if you drink cheaper coffee you can have more of it. Caffeine addicts rejoice!

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