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Budget Busting: Trader Joe’s

This semester I am attempting to do the impossible. No, I will not be growing wings or levitating. My challenge is much greater than any illusion. It is a very real task. I will attempt, and hopefully succeed, to live on a budget of $50 a week.

But here comes the real challenge: I don’t like ramen noodles. That is not my idea of a weeknight dinner. I like to cook, go to concerts, see movies, visit different places, enjoy the company of my friends and yes, shop. I intend on partaking in all of my favorite pastimes. I believe I can do all these things without busting my bank account.

So join me this semester for tales of my cheap travels, money saving tips and all the bumps I’m sure I’ll cross along the way.

For my first tip, I wanted to share something that I am very excited about. Trader Joe’s is coming to Gainesville!

Let me explain myself. In December, I visited my best friend in Chicago, where she goes to college. Her budget, living in a big city, was definitely being stretched but she had a secret weapon.

After she picked me up at the airport we took the subway straight to Trader Joe’s, where we would stock up on delicious money-saving treats for my stay. From pear-apple cider to hummus, they had it all and for such a low price.

Trader Joe’s is known for its reasonable prices and organic items. No name brands can be found in this store but believe me you won’t miss that Kraft macaroni once you’ve tasted Trader Joe’s .99 cent box.

I cannot wait until Trader Joe’s opens in Gainesville. Grocery shopping will be so much easier. But in the meantime I’ll keep clipping coupons and hitting up Sweet Bay.

Here is The Gainesville Sun story about Trader Joe’s move to our side of town: http://www.gainesville.com/article/20120727/ARTICLES/120729647.

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