Bring Your Feed to Life with These 17 Creative Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a haven for all things aesthetic, creative and inspiring. It’s just a tad difficult to find those accounts that add life to your feed and leave you feeling inspired rather than tired from a scrolling session. I think finding the accounts that satisfy your desire for creative fuel is a long process –– it takes time to find your niche on Instagram. However, I have good news! I can assure you that you will eventually find those accounts that remind you why Instagram is even worth it in the first place. Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform. I think it has to do with the thought of Instagram as a blank canvas with the ability to be your space to express yourself and find others who express themselves. Instagram is a way to tell your story (because we all have one) in a way that speaks to you. I tend to gravitate towards accounts that fit my color palette, share inspiring words and have  photography that makes me press the “save” button every single time. Here’s a list of accounts that my fellow students and I have listed off as our favorite creative accounts on Instagram at the moment.

1. @lisaroyere




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Los Angeles-based artist Lisa Royère creates incredible feminist art. The majority of her Instagram feed consists of her work and her art gallery installations. Her talent is extremely obvious, and I love keeping up with her latest work.

2. @maiohwn




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Isabella Doelwijt crafts the most intriguing account I have ever come across. This has to be (hands down) one of my top favorite accounts to follow. Her bio reads, “concept and product design,” which ties perfectly with her minimalist and unique images. Doelwijt also creates visual stories consisting of images with short subtitles. I find these stories to be most intriguing.

3. @sarahbahbah





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Photographer Sarah Bahbah has become increasingly popular for her beautiful images coupled with a short subtitle describing the thoughts of the image’s subject. The special part of Bahbah’s work is the raw vulnerability and nostalgia many of her photo series evoke. The lines of text often express personal inner thoughts that are equal parts thought-provoking and heartwarming. It’s refreshing when you come across creative works that reminds you of human fragility and inspires you all at once. If you haven’t seen her work yet, I definitely encourage you do so as soon as possible.

4. @haatichai




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Haati Chai Jewelry embodies a brand built on dreamy aesthetics and neutral tones that make my heart sing. This jewelry brand markets classic, heirloom-style pieces to women expressing their individuality. I am always mesmerized by the images it posts because of its beautiful products but also because of its gorgeously-curated feed. The classic design of its jewelry coupled with its appealing Instagram images culminates in a creative brand set after my own heart.

5. @petrafcollings




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Petra Collins showcases her amazing photography skills in colorful, moody and unexpected images. She has garnered the attention of many and has been featured in several major brands. She even directed a campaign for Gucci –– that definitely says something (and the campaign is amazing)! Collins’ images carry an almost vintage quality that adds texture and meaning, which I find incredibly interesting. I recommend checking out her work and seeing the magic for yourself.

6. @wearilive




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Jenny, a.k.a. wearilive, has been one of my favorite accounts on Instagram and YouTube for a while now. From her posts to her videos, there is an authentic and refreshingly simple quality to her work. When I scroll through her images or watch a video of hers, I instantly feel at ease. Her work consists of plenty of white space and natural light, which is a nice reprieve from the over-edited world we often see on Instagram. Jenny is definitely a breath of fresh air.

7. @namastehannahcreative




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A design student from Berlin shares her illustration and photography work through this account. Most of her amazing work is feminist art and encourages women to embrace their bodies as well as support each other. My personal favorites from her work include the images with doodles layered on top, such as the coffee cup with an outline of a woman sitting on the rim. Her work is colorful and inspiring.

8. @cleowade




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I am sure many of you are familiar with Cleo Wade’s poetry. Snippets of her work have spread through all social media platforms because of their inspiring quality. Whenever I scroll past a piece of her work, I find myself more grounded and reminded of what truly matters. Her words have the power to spark change and be a reminder of what is truly important in life.

9. @bowiesalien




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This account is a burst of color and incredible artwork. I stumbled upon this page and instantly became mesmerized by the bold use of color and the unique drawings themselves. Most of the subjects in the images sport out-of-this-world qualities, which adds to their appeal. Although the images are fun and bold, there are also expressions of feminist ideals and important subjects are touched upon in various posts, such as self-love.

10. @brandonwoelfel




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If you haven’t heard of Brandon Woelfel, then you’ve probably at least seen some of his images. Woelfel is known for his bold photography and editing skills. He creates this dream-like world that speaks to the creative side in anyone. Whenever I rifle through his images, I feel like I am transported to the visions of my imaginative childhood where color and light do not play by the rules but become something else entirely.

11. @_nitch




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As someone fascinated by other people’s stories and backgrounds, Nitch is a must for me. Each post focuses on a celebrity or important individual from the past or present and couples a black and white image with a powerful quote from said individual. The image and quote often leave me feeling inspired and hungry for more quotes. The quotes are usually ones that share the individual’s deepest thoughts or advice, and I can’t get enough of these posts.

12. @subliming.jpg




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The creator behind Subliming.jpg is Tessa Forrest, and we should all give her a round of applause. This account features colorful design and inspirational quotes ready to brighten your day and lift your spirits. No one post is ever the same –– from fonts to colors to graphic design, every post holds its own special torch.

13. @c_u_r_a_journal

This account is dedicated to bringing fresh inspiration to your feed. Although the page is in its beginning stages and does not have that much published content, I can safely say it is one of my favorite accounts. The color palette is warm and inviting, while the curated images are interesting and inspiring. I can’t wait to see where this page goes in the future.

14. @_edas




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EDAS is an accessories account that features beautiful images in a warm color story. The pieces of jewelry themselves are bold and unique, which inspire my fashion ideas in my day-to-day life. With each new post on my feed, I find myself falling more and more in love with this brand for their gorgeous color design and beautiful products.

15. @eyeofshe




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If you think you’ve contracted the travel bug before, think again. This account is a haven for incredible images of Bree’s travel journeys. The high-contrast, colorful images from all of her travels inspires me to start making my bucket list of potential travel locations.

16. @blindsaay




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Lindsay Arakawa’s personal account is a mix of pop-art graphics and song lyrics overlaid on various photos. The bright and bubbly color choices create the dose of brightness you crave on your feed. Not to mention the inclusion of song lyrics as the text adds the inspiration that just makes your day that much more special.

17. @savedfeature




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This account is a collection of collages created by using the “save” feature on Instagram. I am a huge proponent of the “save” feature because that’s where I can store all of my favorite images I come across while scrolling. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about Instagram! This is why this account just speaks to me on a personal level. Although there hasn’t been new content for a while, it is extremely satisfying to check out the collages already published.

As you can probably tell by now, I love Instagram. I think it’s a space everyone can collectively contribute what makes them unique. We should all follow more accounts like these to bring back the meaning behind Instagram.