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Briahna Brown ’12

Name: Briahna Brown
Age: 21
Ethnic background: African American/Caucasian/Native American
Expected Graduation year: 2012

Relationship status: Single
Desired relationship status: In a relationship with a nice boyfriend.
Major and Why: Psychology, because I like to help others.
Hobbies/Interest: Hanging out with my sisters of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi and friends, dancing, talking on the phone, shopping, making ceramics, baking and playing my cello.
Favorite TV shows/music/movies: Gossip Girl, Chris Brown and comedies.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: My ideal boyfriend is tall, cute, and has a job. He is funny and has hair on his head. I don’t think bald guys are sexy.
Idea of Perfect Date: I’m pretty chill. Dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie.
Name one Unique or Interesting Thing About Yourself: I have never eaten a McDonalds burger. BURGER KING ALL THE WAY!

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