Best of the Bunch: Lip Gloss Edition

If you wear makeup, whether you prefer drugstore or high end, it can get expensive trying multiple products to see which one is best for you.

Trying to find a product that works best for you is difficult no matter what it is, but especially lip glosses.

A lot of brands have yet to master their formulas leaving tacky, thick and gummy textures on our lips.

However, you’re in luck!

I will be sharing with you the best of the bunch of lips glosses, everything from sheer to opaque! 

Today, it’s hard to trust beauty gurus who are supposed to give their honest recommendations and reviews, because they’re often being paid to talk about certain products.

I have listed these lip glosses from cheapest to most expensive.

There’s something in this list for you, no matter your budget.

If you're on a budget and you want a gloss that is cheap, has good quality and a good variety of shades, then the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss is for you!

This gloss has 23 shades and comes out to a grand total of only $5!

I own a few shades in this gloss and I always find myself applying it, whether I have on full glam or my simple everyday makeup.

They aren’t super sheer, you can still see the color, but they aren’t fully opaque either. However, they are buildable, too.

I would definitely check these glosses out.

Morphe is a brand known for its inexpensive and great quality products.

Morphe lip glosses are only $9 and they have so many shades to choose from.

There really is a shade for everyone!

These glosses have a shimmer, but I promise you it’s flattering. They don’t look cheap or tacky.

These glosses are lightweight and are very creamy with little to no stickiness! For only $9? What a steal! 

Next on the list is the CoverGirl Full Spectrum Gloss Idol.

Not only is this lip gloss high shine, but it’s also cruelty free.

This gloss has a unique moisturizing component that is long lasting, and it feels like you’re wearing something that helps your lips, all while making them plump and colorful.

CoverGirl has 14 shades, but they are on the darker side.

There are nudes and vibrant colors, but most of them are darker, so keep that in mind. This gloss is $9.49!

The Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss is a must if you’re a lip gloss junky, like me.

It’s a high shine formula mixed with added shea butter that leaves you feeling cute and refreshed with just one swipe.

It’s opaque, but it won’t take off the lipstick you have on underneath it.

These glosses are long wearing and are the ultimate topper on any lipstick shade.

These seven shades of glosses retail at $16, and they have everything from a shimmery clear to a deep gold.

Also, her shade names are a fun touch.

I’ve been into makeup for as long as I can remember, and I have always loved MAC lip glosses, specifically their lipglasses.

These glosses are thick; however, they aren’t sticky or gummy.

You can wear this lip gloss on its own, over lipstick, or in combination with other glosses.

The formula is infused with jojoba oil, which promotes soft and healthy lips.

To top it all off, these glosses are super long wearing and come in a variety of colors. These glosses are $17.50.

If you don’t desire color and just want a clear sheen, the Too Faced Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss is perfect for you.

It comes in pink and clear, but I personally love the clear one.

Unlike other plumping lip glosses, this gloss has a pleasing tingling sensation, not one that is annoying or painful.

This gloss is on the thicker side, from a formula standpoint, but that helps make your lips extra plump.

Due to the plumping effect, this gloss also enhances your natural lip color for that effortless beauty look. This gloss is $23.

Whether you prefer sheer or opaque, there are so many glosses on the market to choose from, and there's something for everyone.

With that being said, all of these choices can be overwhelming, and it can get expensive quickly going through trial and error to see which work for you.

Hopefully this list has helped you narrow down some options so you can find the gloss that works for you!

These are my personal favorites, and they never let me down.