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The Best of Brunching in Gainesville

Brunching [brunch-ing] verb: The beautiful unison of breakfast food and rehashing last night’s bad decisions.

Brunching is something very familiar to college students. Whether you’re catching up with friends, recovering from the night before or just a late riser, brunch is a key component of the average student’s lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of where you should drown out your morning headache with bottomless coffee:

The Flying Biscuit CafeIf you’re in the mood for the best meal of your life and also have seven hours to spare waiting in line, Flying Biscuit is the place for you. There’s free, self-serve coffee outside to sustain you while you wait for a table. Once you’ve survived the wait, you can drown yourself in grits and biscuits — a truly wonderful start to any morning. If you enjoy the beautiful things in life, it is also highly recommended to try the restaurant’s signature apple butter on your fluffy biscuit. Located at 4150 NW 16th Blvd., its grits and biscuits make the drive totally worth it.

The Jones B-SideIf you live a meat-free, dairy-free, cage-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free, save-the-whales lifestyle, The Jones is your new best friend. Don’t let the hipster vibe intimidate you, though, the food is just as satisfying as a Chipotle bowl. Right down the street from 2nd Avenue Centre apartment complex, The Jones is in walking distance of downtown.

Bagels & NoodlesSometimes referred to as “Bags and Noodz” to its regulars, this restaurant is a staple for every UF student. Head over on Saturday or Sunday mornings for the best shacker fashion show that ever was. This institution is also a favorite among brunchers on a budget. Whether you’re there for bagels with flavors galore or Vietnamese fare and pho, your stomach will thank you. Its proximity to campus, 1222 W University Ave., calls for large crowds, but the egg bagel sandwiches and pho are worth the wait.

Peach Valley CafeBehold: the Library West of brunching destinations. Also, this is the real reason your parents came to visit you last weekend. Whether you come for the apple fritters or the artisan omelets, the love for Peach Valley can’t be denied. Located on 34th Street, Peach Valley can draw large crowds on Saturday mornings, so I suggest calling ahead for an estimated wait time. 

The TopThis is the brunch spot that wrote the book on being trendy and is the pioneer of Sunday brunch. The restaurant-by-day, bar-by-night establishment offers a plethora of breakfast and lunch food and can no doubt satisfy anything your stomach desires. The Top is a crowd favorite among Gainesville natives, both vegan and carnivores alike. On Main Street downtown, The Top has numerous options that are sure to please everyone.

There you have it, folks — the no-nonsense breakdown of brunching Gainesville style. If you can’t muster the will to face the world quite yet, there’s always the Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drive-thru to piece back together your shattered dignity. 

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