The Best Beatles Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

Those close to me know that I have a high-key obsession with The Beatles. To me, they are less a musical group and more a way of life. Now that they are finally available on Spotify, they are becoming relevant all over again, which has filled me with so much joy. However, I often find myself disappointed with which songs of theirs are the most popular. Not that I dislike any of their songs (okay, maybe one or two), but my favorites tend to be the hidden gems that most people under a certain age haven’t heard. Today I’m doing you all a favor by exposing you to some of The Beatles’ best work. So get your Spotify ready because you must listen to all of the following songs.

1. “For No One” - Revolver
Although this song isn’t a happy one, it’s definitely one of my favorites from The Beatles. Written primarily by Paul McCartney about his then-girlfriend Jane Asher, “For No One” is a poetic song about the end of a relationship. The honest lyrics and beautifully crafted tune make it one of The Beatles’ most underrated songs.

2. “I’ve Just Seen A Face” - Help!
If this song doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. The catchy tune will likely be stuck in your head for days, but you won’t be mad about it. Warning: You may find yourself playing this song on repeat in the car.

3. “I’ll Follow The Sun” - Beatles For Sale
I heard this one for the first time recently on a premade Spotify playlist, and I was ashamed of myself for not discovering it earlier. I confess, Beatles For Sale is one of the only Beatles albums I never purchased. Well let me tell you, I was missing out. Upon first listen this beautiful song was an instant favorite.

4. “She’s Leaving Home” - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band
This is actually my all-time favorite Beatles song, and it’s only fitting that it’s on my all-time favorite Beatles album. The story it tells is so powerful, and it’s told in such a unique and clever way. I love the collaboration between John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the chorus of this song, and how each of them take a different perspective on the story.

5. “Dear Prudence” - The Beatles (The White Album)
This song is one of my favorites from The White Album, and also one of my favorites by John Lennon. Fun fact: This song was written in India about Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence. Lennon was trying to convince Prudence to come outside after hiding away inside for days because of an obsession with meditation.

6. “The Fool On The Hill” - Magical Mystery Tour
Just listen to it.

7. “Here, There And Everywhere” - Revolver
One of my friends asked me recently what I thought the most romantic song was. I unequivocally replied “Here, There And Everywhere,” a favorite of mine written primarily by Paul McCartney. Before the turmoil that led to “For No One,” McCartney wrote this ballad about Jane Asher.

8. “If I Fell” - A Hard Day’s Night
I know I’ve said this before, but this is definitely one of my favorite Beatles songs. It’s rare in that John Lennon was seldom so vulnerable in his writing. The lyrics and tune are equally beautiful. 10/10, would recommend.

9. “Golden Slumbers” - Abbey Road
The first time I heard this song was a magical experience. It was actually one of the first Beatles songs I heard that really got me interested in them. It’s a great song to fall asleep to because it’s engrossing and an overall pleasant listen.

10. “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” - Rubber Soul
This song is very unique in both its tune and its coy lyrics. It’s one of my favorite of John Lennon’s, and it represents real growth in The Beatles’ music from what it was before the Rubber Soul album. They started experimenting with different sounds, and I think it really paid off in this song.

I hope you enjoy this list of songs, and maybe it will even lead you into some deeper exploration of The Beatles.

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