BECCA’s Blinding Highlights Just Got a Little Deeper

BECCA Cosmetics is known as the heavyweight champion of highlighters in the beauty industry, and they just gave us another reason to love them. BECCA recently unveiled three new shades of their infamous Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, and one is perfect for dark to deep-dark complexions. Have lighter skin? No fear — here’s the scoop on BECCA’s gorgeous new shade and tips on how to make this rich brown shade work on any skin tone.

On the BECCA Cosmetics website, Chocolate Geode is described as “a rich chocolate brown with gold pearl.” In addition to their most inclusive shade from the launch, BECCA also revived two limited edition shades: Prismatic Amethyst, “a lavender infused with pearlescent duo chrome pigments,” and Rose Quartz, “a neutral pale pink that illuminates the skin with a cool flawless finish.”

Though people with lighter skin tones might be afraid to take the plunge into Chocolate Geode, there are tons of uses for this shimmery shade aside from being a highlighter.

Layer this golden shade over your bronzer for a sun-kissed glow reminiscent of a trip to the Maldives. Not into it as a bronzer? Try swiping on this sultry sienna with a dense packing brush or your finger for a diffused metallic eye look.

BECCA’s inclusive shade range alongside the shade ranges of brands such as Fenty Beauty, MAC and Laura Mercier are proof that the beauty industry is validating a greater spectrum of skin tones.

Some brands, however, still need to jump on the bandwagon. It’s important to show brands that produce inclusive cosmetics tons of love when they embrace different shades and undertones for darker complexions.

As a fair-skinned Latina, I have the privilege of finding my makeup shade within five minutes of walking into Sephora. Not only can I find a shade suitable for my skin tone quickly, but I can also find it in every cosmetic line offered. My friends with dark to deep-dark complexions do not have that privilege.

Though Chocolate Geode might not be my perfect highlighter shade, I’m still interested in buying it because BECCA Cosmetics deserves to know that their efforts are valued. Not only that, but people of darker complexions have been purchasing lighter shades of foundation, concealer, highlight and even eyeshadow for decades because they were the only options available in the industry. Instead of ignoring this launch, pick up this highlighter shade, and get creative with how you can use it, just as people of color have been doing for decades.