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At Last, Another Colleen Hoover Book to Obsess Over – Here’s my Review of Never Never

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Booktok brings light to a lot of authors. Emily Henry, Elle Kennedy, Christina Lauren – all authors whose titles you’d more than likely recognize due to their debuts via TikTok. 

But there’s one author that stands out among the rest. One that has not one, but dozens of novels on everyone’s for you pages.

Colleen Hoover deserves every bit of fame that she gets. Her stand-alone stories (though some have sequels) fall into a unique genre – one that not many authors can achieve. I like to think of her style as mystery-romance. She writes love stories with a twist. It’s as if you’re fooled into thinking you’re reading a smutty, steamy romance novel until the plot thickens and you’re left wondering how you never saw it coming.

Her latest novel co-authored with Tarryn Fisher, Never Never, was released on February 28th of this year. The story lies within Hoover’s typical theme, though it exceeds her usual level of insanity (in the very best way possible). 

When I first picked up this book, it was a few weeks after its initial release. All I’d heard was how bizarre it was and how it was similar to Hoover’s most horror-filled book, Verity

I made the spur of the moment decision then to refrain from reading the back cover – a feat I don’t often accomplish. There’s a sense of comfort in knowing where, generally, your story is going to take you. Of course, when I decided on this little challenge, I had no idea how lost I’d be after the first chapter alone. 

Never Never starts off in Charlie’s perspective, one of the two protagonists and alternating viewpoints. You’re launched into the story, barely given a moment to breathe. The setting is in motion as Charlie finds herself sprawled on the floor with absolutely no memory of who she is. The first chapter follows her as she stumbles through a life that doesn’t feel like her own.

The next chapter switches to Silas, whose memory is as frail as Charlie’s. It isn’t until a few chapters in that both discover their joint memory loss, and that’s when the guessing game begins. 

Every page left me with another question: why did they both lose their memory? Why is no one else affected? How long will this last? The most exciting part was how many different avenues Hoover and Fisher take you down. There were at least five different scenarios I convinced myself of. From family drama to creepy fortune tellers, you’ll make several guesses while you read. As someone who loves a good plot twist, I can happily say I did not successfully guess the ending. 

Beyond the mystery aspect, the book is seaming with all things love and romance. The best-friends-to-lovers trope shines through as more is revealed about their past relationship. The book addresses topics like soulmates and fate that’ll make you believe in both. 

To give a bit more synopsis without giving too much away, Never Never follows teenagers Silas and Charlie as they try to uncover why and how they lost their memories – at the very same time. The two grew up together because their fathers owned a joint insurance company. It wasn’t until later that they chose to cross that scary bridge from friends to lovers, though their connection ran deep and led to them dating for nearly four years. Their relationship falters only when their fathers have a falling out, leading both to do and say some things they never would have otherwise done or said. Bits and pieces of their past are revealed to them as they rummage through their lives and uncover who they once were. Will they be able to salvage – or at least, remember – the love they once thought would last a lifetime?

I highly recommend this read. It’s exciting and addictive. I finished it in nearly one sitting – I would have if I didn’t have to go to class. It’s that good, I promise.

Another thing worth mentioning: Hoover often includes bonus features in her novels to enhance the reader’s experience. For example, in her music-inspired novel Maybe Someday she paired with a musician to include real, downloadable songs that match the story. In her book Confess, she included real artists’ work to mimic the type of paintings her character was said to create. It’s yet another detail that sets Hoover apart from the rest. 

In this novel, there’s a section at the end charting Silas and Charlie’s star signs. It’s incredibly detailed and connects each character’s personality back to their sign. Hoover and Fisher go as far as pinpointing specifics throughout the book that were purposefully written to reflect what someone with that sign would be expected to do. It’s fascinating – especially for those who are into their charts. 

Overall, Never Never has a five-star rating in my mind. It’s both captivating and romantic; you’ll be swooning while doing detective work. And if you’re in a reading slump (it happens to the best of us), this may be the perfect selection for you. I always try to read more fast-paced, thick-plotted books when I’m slacking on my reading. It’s so much easier to get back into it when you can hardly put down your book. And believe me, you’ll will not put down Never Never. Happy reading!

Dayna Maloney is a fourth-year advertising major at the University of Florida. As an avid reader and writer, Dayna has an undying passion for storytelling. She thrives in any creative setting with a love for books, music, photography, film, and art. Dayna believes in spreading love and inspiring others to be their best and fullest selves.