Artist Spotlight: 4 Van Gogh-Inspired Outfits

It's no wonder why Van Gogh holds title as one of the most famous artists in the history of European art. His post-Impressionist art combines dramatic brush strokes and a bright palette, which makes for the perfect canvas for his emotions. His unique style has also caught the eye of several popular brands in the fashion world like Vans, who last year launched a Van Gogh collection that includes shoes, hats, shirts and backpacks.

If you want to follow in Vans’ footsteps of recreating Van Gogh’s artwork with fashion, here are some outfits inspired by four Van Gogh paintings.

1. Sunflowers

This set of still-life paintings of sunflowers is one of Van Gogh’s most famous artworks. The sunflowers symbolize happiness. Van Gogh painted it during a rare, exciting time in his life – waiting for the avant-garde painter Paul Gauguin to come to France.

To recreate the optimistic and refreshing vibe of these paintings, wear these cute sunflower print overalls over this basic short-sleeved white top from GAP. These pieces reflect the main subject of the painting and the solid background.

Add a simple and sporty touch with these Kenneth Cole white sneakers. Finish off the look with these sunflower stud earrings in sterling silver by Unwritten.

2. Irises

We look to another flower painting by Van Gogh for inspiration – this time, the iris flower. He chose to paint this flower as one of his first paintings in the psychiatric hospital that he admitted himself into. It symbolizes hope and wisdom. This eye-catching, vibrant work contrasts from the dark time that Van Gogh went through.

You can embody the beautiful colors of Irises by wearing this short-sleeve floral print blouse from Nordstrom in the color “Lavender Iris Nouv Botan.” This piece recreates the beautiful colors in Van Gogh’s painting, even depicting some of the irises. For pants, wear these stylish black skinny jeans that have a tulle-like hem at the ankle. These jeans reflect the contrast between the reality of Van Gogh and his painting. Don’t forget to accessorize with these unique purple iris flower stud earrings that are hand-sculpted. For shoes, wear these classic black vans sneakers that add a nice floral touch.

3. Starry Night

Considered one of the most recognized artworks in the world, this painting also exemplifies a great piece of art that translates beyond a canvas. This mesh tulle midi skirt in the color navy can recreate the beautiful blue hues and brushwork of the painting. It also has a star, moon and Pegasus pattern that convey the comfort of the night that Van Gogh tries to illustrate in Starry Night.

Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind cream mesh top that has a 3D feather design with faux diamond trimmings. The style of this blouse adds the element of the shining stars and the white brushstrokes to the overall outfit.

As for earrings, this pair of pearl hand earrings are the cherry on top of this ethereal look. The pearl in the hand is similar to an illustration of someone reaching for the stars in Van Gogh’s painting. Finally, go classic with these shiny metallic silver heeled sandals from PrettyLittle Thing.

4. Almond Blossoms

This painting, a best seller at college poster sales, shows blossom branches against a blue sky, which symbolize the start of a new life. It can be recreated into a perfect spring outfit by wearing this floral tulle off the shoulder top by FUZZI from Nordstrom. The sky blue color and the blooming flowers give off the same lively effect of the painting. For bottoms, some simple blue skinny jeans like these Levi’s jeans from Free People will do.

To capture one of the most important elements of the painting – the branches – you can wear this leather brown belt from Anthropologie that has a wrap design and a tie closure. Complement it with another brown leather piece, using these platform brown leather sandals from Nordstrom. And complete the look with these gorgeous flower drop earrings from Anthropologie.

With spring rolling around, update your closet with these Van Gogh inspired outfits, adding a fresh, artistic touch.