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Artist Spotlight: 4 Outfits Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s Paintings

Frida Kahlo is arguably one of the most recognized artists in the world. Her signature look of an untamed monobrow and hair adorned with flowers will always be iconic. And the paintings that make her one of the best-selling artists in the world are electric and colorful, making for great style inspiration.

Here are some outfits based on four Frida Kahlo paintings.

1. Self Portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States

After Frida and her husband, Diego Rivera, moved to the US for his job, Frida became miserable. She felt like she didn’t belong and illustrated those feelings in this painting. She is seen standing on the border between Mexico and the United States with a Mexican flag in one hand and a cigarette in the other. On each side of the border, there are different symbols relating to each country. These images are a huge contrast from the pink dress that Kahlo is wearing in the painting. The pretty pink dress that she wears with lace white sleeves make Kahlo the center of the chaos on each side. It shows the new modern life of Frida.

You can combine the many elements of this painting in an outfit with this rose-colored midi dress with a sheer sequined cap from ASOS. The flower sequins on the cape reflect the blooming flowers and the natural parts of the paintings found on the side of her homeland. The cape itself makes the style a little more traditional, representing Mexico. The dress’s lightweight tulle skirt gives a more contemporary look that relates to the industrialized U.S. side of the painting. You can pair the dress with these neutral-colored leather wrap sandals from Free People to give a Bohemian vibe that matches with the current fashion. Finish off the look with these feather drop earrings in gold from Francesca’s – a twist of Frida’s necklace in the painting.

2. Self Portrait with Cropped Hair

Frida Kahlo painted this work after her divorce from her husband. This painting illustrates all of the feelings that Frida experienced during that time. For example, her long dark hair that her husband loved a lot is cut and dispersed everywhere throughout the canvas. Her signature floral feminine style is replaced with an oversized suit similar to what her husband wore. The only thing left of her “feminine” appearance is her earrings. The empty surrounding adds to the turmoil that Frida depicts.

In Frida’s time, a woman in a suit might have meant a rough breakup; a polished suit on a woman now is the total definition of a boss woman. To replicate Frida’s outfit minus the despair, get your hands on this REISS grey blazer from Nordstrom with matching slim grey pants. The suit can be worn with this beautiful shiny dress shirt in maroon from Lilysilk. Don’t forget to accessorize with these gold-plated teardrop earrings from Kohl’s. Complete the look with these black pointed Calvin Klein pumps.

3. Me and My Parrots, 1941  

This painting is one of the many self-portraits in which Frida includes her pets. The colorful four parrots in the painting, all in shades of blue, yellow and green, are a huge contrast from Frida’s simple white peasant top.

To replicate the colorful yet simple vibe of the artwork, you can wear this African print midi skirt in yellow and blue to reflect the vibrant colors of the parrots. Get this simple off-the-shoulder white ruffle top and channel the calm appearance that Frida gives off in her painting. For shoes, wear these gold-heeled sandals from ASOS and accessorize your hands similar to Frida’s with this big ring.

4. Self Portrait – Time Flies

This painting was done when Frida married her husband in 1929 and depicts Frida in her traditional Mexican attire, rosy cheeks and lively colors. Since Frida is the main subject of this painting, I drew inspiration from her sleek white dress, which can be replicated with this lace white dress with sheer short sleeves from Lulus. The jewelry, which is the most eye-catching part of the painting, can be duplicated with this Kate Spade multicolored stone necklace. Pair them with these matching statement earrings. The look wouldn’t be complete without a watch that reflects the name of this painting. I don’t recommend holding an alarm from the 1900s like the one in the painting, so it’s best to settle with this Ted Baker gold bracelet watch with a floral design that screams Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo’s surrealist paintings were a window to her persona and an expression of her feelings and thoughts. The unique style, combined with Frida’s unique “personal brand”, is major fashion inspiration for people looking for aesthetic outfits.

Jana is a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in biology and a certificate in Spanish. She enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, entertainment, the environment and everything in between.
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