To All The Fall Drinks We’ve Loved Before (And Still Love)

In Florida, the only way to know if it’s fall is by checking the calendar. It can be the middle of October and still feel like a summer day. It’s hot and humid, and the leaves are still green no matter the month. If there’s one way to know that the fall season is upon us though, it’s the reappearance of the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This year, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks released their lines of fall drinks in record time. Despite fall officially beginning on September 23, Dunkin’ Donuts dropped its fall line on August 21, and Starbucks followed close behind on August 26.

Fall staples like the PSL are soon to be everywhere again, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with these seasonal drink options, Her Campus UFL has your back. Our team has been getting prepared for the fall season and staying extra cozy with these fall-inspired drinks. Look through them, and maybe you’ll find a new drink to love!

Sip on a sweet and salty drink.

Name: Natasha Colón Hernández

Age: 21

Major: Advertising

Favorite drink: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. “I am a huge fan of sweet with sea salt. I feel like it’s the perfect combo.”

Favorite thing about fall: “I love that it’s (in a way) a bonding season. Everyone is out going to pumpkin patches or haunted houses with their friends and families. There are many activities to do with the ones you love.”

Name: Stephany Matat

Age: 17

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks. “I get super hot very easily, and coffee actually makes me fall asleep, so I like drinking this because it is a nice way for me to have a savory taste and easily feel a lot more relaxed.”

Favorite thing about fall: “My birthday is in October. I get happy every time it hits October because I always like to have a very unique birthday celebration, and it is always nice weather when it happens.”

Name: Mackenzie Kline

Age: 21

Major: Telecommunications

Favorite drink: Hot Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks.

Favorite thing about fall: “Cute outfits and pumpkin patch[es], even though we are sweating still in Florida.”

The drink that makes you feel at home.

Name: Jacqueline Saguin

Age: 21

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Hot Chocolate. “You can’t go wrong with it. It makes me think back to when my mom would make it for me as a kid. It’s a great comfort to me. Plus, you can find one almost anywhere.”

Favorite thing about fall: “I love having so many holiday activities to do with friends. It’s a time for everyone to come together, whether staying in and watching Halloween movies or visiting a fall festival.”

Name: Charlotte Dwyer

Age: 18

Major: Public Relations

Favorite drink: Hot Chocolate. “I usually make it at home. I love hot chocolate because when I was younger my mom always gave it to me around fall and winter time. Now whenever I drink it, it takes me back to those times!”

Favorite thing about fall: “Something that I really love about the fall season is fall fashion. I am a huge sweater supporter!”

The perfect year-round drinks.

Name: Arianna Medina

Age: 20

Major: Public Relations

Favorite drink: Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte. “I usually get it with coconut milk (and it is available all year!)”

Favorite thing about fall: “I enjoy the idea of sitting on my couch with a warm blanket over me, seasonal candles around and sipping on a hot drink while binging holiday favorites. I have also discovered Alachua’s Pumpkin Patch where people can place their pumpkins in small wagons to transport them. There are plenty of festivals and events Gainesville has to offer around this time of year, so keep an eye out!”

Name: Lauren Rousseau

Age: 19

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Blonde Vanilla Latte with coconut milk. “Right now, I drink it iced since it’s been so hot out lately. Once the temperature drops, I love a warm cup of coffee, though. It’s instantly comforting and makes me feel cozy. It has a nice sweet flavor that doesn’t overpower the natural taste of coffee.”

Favorite thing about fall: “Fall is birthday season! My birthday and a lot of my closest friends’ birthdays are in October, so it’s a fun time! Also, Thanksgiving feasts are always a good time.”

Extra pumps, please!

Name: Brianna Monroe

Age: 19

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Hot White Chocolate Mocha with an extra pump of white mocha from Starbucks.

Favorite thing about fall: “I absolutely love decorating for Halloween. It might be my favorite part of the season.”

Name: Lindsey Hoskins

Age: 18

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Decaf Iced Latte with almond milk and two pumps of pumpkin sauce from Starbucks. “It is my favorite drink because it allows you to still get the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte without all of the sugar. It still tastes super great but not as rich.”

Favorite thing about fall: “I love when the weather starts to cool off because it’s a nice break from the crazy heat in Florida!”

The holiday drink.

Name: Viviana Moreno

Age: 20

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Juniper Latte from Starbucks. “I order it just as it is –– I usually have to dump tons of cream and sugar to enjoy my coffee drinks, but I don't have to with this one. It's a cozy, sweet drink with a hint of smokiness. It's literally the spirit of the season in a cup.”

Favorite thing about fall: “To me, the fall season reminds me of change but also grounds me in the present where I try to enjoy the little bits of life. Plus, the fall season speaks to my personal color palette of warm, natural hues.”

The classy, smooth and sweet drink.

Name: Julia Mitchem

Age: 19

Major: Journalism

Favorite drink: Chai Tea Latte. “I usually get is as it comes, and I drink it hot. I love drinking hot coffee or teas while in a cozy sweater or under blankets. The latte is so smooth and has just the right amount of caffeine. I feel at peace while drinking it. The best places to get it are Karma Cream in Gainesville or The Attic back home in Tampa.”

Favorite thing about fall: “I ADORE carving pumpkins and decorating for Halloween. I also break out all my boots (my absolute favorite kind of shoe).”