90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?


No girl can deny it. We all wallpapered our bedroom walls with posters of our TV star loves at one point or another. We all doodled Mrs. Timberlake on the fronts and backs of every notebook we owned. And we all lived vicariously through Kelly Kapowski and Topanga Lawrence.

The boyish charms of our favorite 90s teen stars naturally became our first “true” loves and helped us through our awkward tween stages. But do you ever sit back and wonder what happened to the boys we fawned over for the majority of our childhood?

Let’s take a look at what happened to our favorite celebrity crushes over the years:

Jonathon Taylor Thomas: 
Then: He was the middle and cutest of the brothers on “Home Improvement,Randy Taylor. His adorable raspy voice even landed him the role of Simba in Disney’s “The Lion King.” I can say with confidence that JTT was the only reason tween girls of the 90s followed “Home Improvement.” 
Now: Jonathon Taylor Thomas stepped out of the spotlight and into the library after “Home Improvement” came to an end. He eventually graduated from Columbia University in 2010.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: 
Then: He was the sly Zack “Preppie” Morris on “Saved by the Bell,” melting hearts nationwide with a mere wink towards the camera. This charming schemer kept girls tuning in every week for more. 
Now: You can catch Mark-Paul on TNT’s “Franklin & Bash.” Although he’s no longer a blonde, he has maintained Zack’s charming persona.

Rider Strong: 
Then: He was the bad boy on almost every teen's favorite show, “Boy Meets World.” It was impossible not to fall for that smile and head of hair; plus, we didn’t have to compete with Topanga for him. 
Now: Several years and some scruff later, Rider’s maintained his looks. Although he has veered away from acting. He tends to stay more behind the scenes. He and his brother created a successful television ad for the 2008 Obama campaign.

Then: This moppy-headed trio of brothers sang its way into the hearts of nearly every 90s preteen girl. “MmmBop” was the “Call Me Maybe” of the decade, and no one could resist singing along.  
Now: Shockingly enough, all three brothers managed to survive the gangs of screaming girls throughout their decade of fame. The cleaner cut group continues to produce music, but it seems as though nothing will top their “MmmBop” hit.

 There’s nothing like a walk down memory lane. Although the boys grew up into scruffy, successful men, we will forever remember them as the boys we dreamed about.

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