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9 Struggles Short Girls Know All Too Well

Some people are rights, some people are lefties. Some people saw black and blue, some people saw white and gold. Some people are tall, and some people are short. And for me, as a 5’2 petite girl, finding clothes that properly fit me can be a struggle.

We’re all balling on a college budget here, so getting my clothes tailored like a real adult with a steady income is not feasible. I don’t even know how or where to begin get my clothes tailored. For my fellow short girls out there, here are some short girl struggles to remind you that we’re not alone in this world made for tall people. 

1. You can never find pants that are the right length.

I’ve never worn or owned a pair of pants where I didn’t have to roll up. Cuffed jeans and pants are a look, right? Throughout the day, I always have to adjust my pants and re-roll the cuffs at the bottom. Short girls know no peace in this world. 

2. Every sweater becomes a sweater-dress.

Calling all short girls: it’s time to channel our inner-Ariana Grande. I’m glad Ariana made it socially acceptable to wear huge sweaters around because it’s truly a struggle for short girls like me to find a sweater that doesn’t completely engulf my body. At least these oversized sweaters are comfortable, I guess. And remember: comfort over everything, ladies. 

3. What does "cropped" even mean?

“Cropped” doesn’t exist for short girls. Anything that’s claimed to be a cropped piece is just a regular piece for short girls. Sometimes even cropped things are still too long. Is there an “extra-cropped” section?

4. When you finally find pants that fit you lengthwise but don’t fit at the hips/waist. 

A wave of excitement rushes over me when I think that I’ve found a pair of pants that fit me... only to realize that I can’t feel my hips or that they’re too wide at my hips. I’m convinced that there’s no perfect balance and the perfect pair of pants doesn’t to exist. 

5. Online shopping is a myth.

Yeah, that outfit looks good on a 6-foot-tall model, but will it fit a struggling 5’2 regular girl? Pictures can be deceiving on clothing websites, and I’ve learned that the hard way too many times. I have a small pile of clothes in my closet of outfits that were just never meant to be because I thought an outfit that looked beautiful model would look just as good on me. I was wrong. Where are all the 5’2 models at? Us short girls desperately need you.

6. Sometimes I forget how short I am.

On occasion I’ll be in a store and look at a cute shirt or a cute pair of pants in store thinking it’ll fit perfectly, forgetting that I am 5’2 and petite. I’ll buy the item thinking it’ll fit me normally without trying it on, only to realize that it looks completely wrong because it wasn’t made for my body type and height. 

7. High waisted jeans are actually extra-high waisted jeans.

When I sit down in high-waisted jeans, my jeans ride up and are practically up to my face. 

8. Oversized T-shirts are an everyday outfit at this point.

There’s no point in investing in real outfits anymore. I go to all my classes in a T-shirt in shorts and accept my fate as someone who will never be able to find clothes that fit her. I’m glad T-shirt dresses became a trend.

9. But at least we can save money and shop in the kid’s section?

I’ll never be ashamed to admit that I can fit into at least half of the kid section’s clothes.

P.S.: Jojo Siwa and T-shirts are definitely in this season. 

No matter how tall or short you are, or what body type you have, remember that we’re all beautiful and unique in our own ways. That’s always something to be celebrated, even as we all have our own different struggles.

Tien Le

UFL '22

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