9 Struggles Every Girl With Pale Skin Will Understand

As someone with very fair skin living in Florida, I can confidently say that my abnormally light skin tone has made my life more difficult in a few ways. It’s rare, but when I come across someone with skin as light as mine, we share a solemn nod and a moment of solidarity because we know each other’s struggles. Here are some of the most annoying ones to deal with.

1. People think we’re joking when we say we use SPF 100.

The first time I found out SPF 100 existed was actually one of the best moments of my life.

2. The pain of a really bad sunburn is not an easy one to get over.

You will never ignore your mother again when she reminds you to wear sunscreen.

3. We will never live down that one time we tried a spray tan.

Even the lightest setting looked grossly unnatural.

4. When no one else wants to sit in the shade...

"But… I didn’t bring sunscreen or a hat!"

5. Our faces don’t tend to take a lot of makeup well.

Some shades just don’t work on skin this light.

6. No one understands the joy we feel from a farmer’s tan.

A tan line means my skin changed color to something other than red, a feat I did not know was possible.

7. The question: “Have you ever gotten a tan?”

Does it look like I’ve gotten a tan?

8. When your friends like to give themselves a confidence boost by comparing their skin colors to yours...

Don’t get cocky; it doesn’t take much to look tan next to me.

9. Every makeup shade is too dark for you.

That awkward moment when no foundation in all of CVS is light enough for you.

Although these struggles are very real, but just keep reminding yourself that you will be grateful for your fair skin as you age and forever look like a porcelain princess.

Photo credit: expertbeacon.com