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9 Holiday Gifts That Also Give Back

As you can probably tell from your quickly diminishing bank account, the holiday season is here. We buy gifts for our loved ones every year to show them how much we care about them, but what if we could do more than that? There are hundreds of products and companies out there that continually use their products to do what they can to give back to charities across the globe. Here’s a list of gifts that spread the love by lending a hand to charitable causes.

1. SiiZU

SiiZU uses only sustainable sources to create their trendy clothing lines. With every purchase made, 10% of the profits will go to the American Forest to help aid in their goal of 2.7 million trees across the United States.

2. Mitscoots Outfitters – “White Loom Woven Chevron Blanket”

These plush blankets are amazing to snuggle up in on any night. The blankets are created through jobs given to the homeless to give them a chance to get on their feet. With each blanket purchase, another blanket of the same quality is given to a homeless shelter for free.

3. Lush – “Charity Pot”

Lush creates handmade products that are perfect little gifts for when you don’t have a ton of money to spend. The “Charity Pot” is a cruelty-free lotion made with all-natural products. A hundred percent  of the purchase price, besides the sales tax, goes to small charities that promote environmental protection, human rights and animal charities.

4. Bare Soaps

These adorable soap packs come prepackaged and easily gifted. Twenty percent of Bare Soaps’ profits go to helping educate those in impoverished countries like Africa and India on proper sanitation. They also donate their own bars of soap that help to decrease the amount of diseases spread.

5. Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani bracelets have been popular gifts for years now, but did you know they have an entire collection that gives back to charities? They have a variety of jewelry that donates 20% of the purchase price to charities like UNICEF, Special Olympics, the ASPCA and more.

6. Bordahan – 2018 Calendar

These handcrafted calendars are perfect for an office or to spruce up a blank wall. Each calendar is hand-embroidered and used to promote women’s empowerment. On top of that, some of the proceeds of the shop goes to school supplies for needy children.

7. Pela

These 100% compostable phone cases come in all iPhone case sizes as well as Android cases. These cases offer just as much protection as any other case while also being eco-friendly. Pela is also a part of an initiative to donate 1% of their yearly earnings to environmental initiatives.

8. Kammock

We all have that outdoorsy friend that lives for nights under the stars, and this website is great for them. These camping essentials are high-quality products that also help to promote youth outdoor experiences through mentorship and a partnership with Explore Austin.

9. Out of Print Clothing

This website is for the bookworm in every family. This website serves to promote and celebrate great literary works through clothes and accessories. Every purchase goes towards helping underrepresented communities gain access to more books and literacy programs.

We are going to give gifts to those around us that we love, so why not spread the love this year to those in need, too? Let us know of any more charitable companies in the comments below!

Michaela is a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida and is currently majoring in journalism. You can find her soaking up the Florida sun at the beach, shopping at a thrift store, or in the front row of a local band's show. Her friends, good coffee and a book are one of the many things that keep her smiling every day. 
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