9 Disney Couples That Are Relationship #Goals

Who could forget falling in love with Aladdin in "A Magic Carpet Ride"? That moment in the movie theater where we all collectively aww'd when Flynn Rider told Rapunzel she was his "new dream" in Tangled? Carl and Ellie's heartbreaking love story in Up? (Seriously, how great was that montage scene?) Whatever your feelings are towards Disney, you can't deny that they have us hook, line and sinker every time when it comes to romantic storylines.

Because I can't resist a good Disney love story, here are 9 cartoon couples who have us screaming "GOALS" every time.

Carl and Ellie

From childhood, to marriage, to old age, to…well, you know, Carl and Ellie embody the ideal Disney relationship. The pair met as children and bonded over their shared interests and longing for adventure. Carl stuck with Ellie through her awkward phase and Ellie always kept Carl and his balloons on the ground. They went through hard times and managed to stay together through it all, making their marriage one of the sweetest of all time.

Tiana and Naveen

Naveen is probably one of the most underrated Disney princes. He falls in love with Tiana, a poor girl, and helps her to realize her dreams before worrying about his own issues. Tiana in turn, sacrifices her dream to save Naveen. Talk about coming full circle.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Another dynamic husband wife pair that make marriage look easy. Not only are Mr. and Mrs. Incredible a couple keeping things alive on the romance side of things, but they’re also raising three kids. Plus, they have super powers.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Flynn definitely comes off as having a tough exterior, but when he’s with Rapunzel his softer side comes out, also known as Eugene. They say you can’t change your partner, which is mostly true, but Rapunzel definitely knew how to bring out the best in Flynn. The two prove that opposites really do attract.

Belle and the Beast

Sure, the Beast trapped Belle’s dad and eventually her, but he’s honestly just misunderstood. Anyone would get a little cranky and weird after spending that long in isolation. Underneath his pent up frustrations, the Beast is a loving and intelligent man, who happens to have a lot in common with Belle. The two go together perfectly, and who cares if it took imprisonment for them to figure it out.

Meg and Hercules

Meg definitely is in the running for best Disney female ever; she’s strong, independent and knows she doesn’t need a man to take care of her. Hercules, however, is there to take care of her regardless, and while she definitely doesn’t need his help, she wants it.

Anna and Kristoff

Personally, I think both Anna and Kristoff are a little dumb, but in a lovable, cute way. Their natural ineptness stops them from realizing they love each other till the end of the movie (spoiler), but it’s obvious they mesh well together throughout the whole movie. Kristoff is a big sweetheart and Anna is a ray of sunshine and their relationship is easy and natural. Hans who?

Lady and Tramp

First, name a better dinner date? Exactly. Lady and Tramp are the epitome of classic romance; that spaghetti dinner was something straight out of a dream. Tramp is honestly the perfect guy and the perfect dog and I think that’s really the best of both worlds. He listens to Lady, her friends like him and he’s really just a class act, perfectly complimenting his lady.

Max and Roxanne

If I could model a high school romance after a cartoon, it’d be Max and Roxanne’s. Max does the absolute most to woo Roxanne and he’s a gentleman in every way when it comes to their relationship. Roxanne is probably the prettiest cartoon character ever (look at her hair, please) and notices Max even when he thinks she doesn’t. Young love is beautiful.

Aren't these Disney couples lovely? Which pair is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!