8 Travel Tips from the Her Campus UFL Team

I was in John F. Kennedy International Airport at 5 a.m. waiting for my 7 a.m. flight when I overheard a woman preaching to her family about how she never travels without wearing pants with pockets. Naturally, in my groggy 5 a.m. state, I started to think about all of the things I do to make traveling just a little bit easier.

My own personal advice? Carry a soft jacket with you no matter the weather. I like to bring a hoodie because it doubles as a blanket and pillow on the plane.

I don’t travel often, but I have traveled enough to the point where I feel like I have perfected all of the little things that make traveling go a bit smoother for me, and so has the rest of the Her Campus UFL team.

  1. 1. Two words: packing cubes

    Brianna Monroe: “I love packing with packing cubes. They let you organize your clothes either into daily outfits or categories. I always use one cube to put my dirty clothes in as well, I try to stay as organized as I can while traveling.”

  2. 2. Keep safe from pickpocketing

    Julia Davis: “In busy cities with lots of pickpocketing, if you ever hear someone yell ‘there’s a pickpocket,’ or something to that effect, DO NOT reach for your phone, wallet or other valuables. This is a technique used by groups of pickpockets to sneakily find out where your important belongings are so they can actually pickpocket you later. Be especially careful around public transportation and at tourist attractions because that’s where it’s easiest for them to get you.”

  3. 3. Keep your skin on point, and create a group Google Doc

    Viviana Moreno: “My skin gets all sorts of messed up flights, so I always have my trusty tube of Aquaphor or any other type of balm to keep my lips hydrated. I use it on my hands as well because they tend to get pretty papery while on a flight. My face also suffers, so I pack a spray of some sort –– usually rose water for me. It's easier than putting on a mask, but it depends on the person. Before a trip, my family and I usually break open a new Google Doc where we create a loose trip itinerary. We don't like to have a strict schedule, but we like to have some idea of what our days will look like or what stops we must see. When we get to the actual location, we like to ask locals their favorite spots to try to have a more authentic visit to the place.”

  4. 4. Don’t get sick on your trip

    SarahIlana Rosner: “Underrated tip: make sure you bring wet wipes or hand sanitizer because an airplane is the dirtiest place. Taking a wipe and cleaning the remote, seat back, tray, the fans, etc. is really important. What really stinks is getting sick right after starting a trip. Also, if it is a long distance overnight trip, make sure to bring something for the flight attendants (candy or treats). This helps them to recognize you and also receive better service. When booking flights, try to book them way in advance. Thirty days for a domestic or six months for international. I always use insider travel or search about the place that I’m visiting to find some cool things to see. Reading blogs from people in the area help you to live like a local not a tourist. Honestly, I find a better experience when I try to live like a local instead of a tourist.”

  5. 5. Keep yourself entertained on long trips

    Emily Kopp: “I had a 10-hour flight to London this past summer, and I hate flying, so I tried to learn as many tips as possible prior to the trip. Download a lot of podcasts (I find they pass the time quicker than reading books or magazines). Bring wipes to wipe down your seat (airplanes are not clean). Try not to wear makeup and double up on moisturizers because your skin will dry out. Hydrate! And make sure you pack as lightly as possible.”

  6. 6. Buy your tickets undercover

    Lauren Rousseau: “When buying an airplane ticket, go on incognito mode. Ticket prices will usually be noticeably cheaper.”

  7. 7. Stay with a buddy

    Julia Mitchem: “As far as tips go, always travel with a buddy. Even if you don't know the person well, you'll be much safer and have someone to bounce ideas off if you get into a difficult situation. This also helps when eating out. You can split meals with other people when you travel, which ends up saving you a decent amount of money.

    Also, try new things. Don't eat food you can have at home while you're traveling. Ask the locals what they recommend and try specialties specific to that area. I like to look on Instagram before I go somewhere to find new restaurants or cool places. In addition, take as many photos as you can, but don't get so consumed in doing so that you don't live in the moment.

    I like to keep a blog while traveling or even a running list of bullet points in the Apple Notes app that has the highlights of each day. I also like to make a rough list of outfits in my notes, which helps me try not to overpack. Most importantly, have the time of your life –– wake up early and go to bed late. Make the most of your trip!”

  8. 8. Save money and bring your own water bottle

    Hannah Rose: “You can bring an empty water bottle through TSA. Then, just find a water fountain by your gate or go to the Starbucks in the airport and have them fill it up. You won't have to pay for water in the airport.”

With our tips, you’re bound to have a great next trip. Happy traveling!