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8 Thoughts We Have While Taking Selfies

Ever since we traded in our Razr phones (remember those?) for the iPhone, the selfie has taken the world by storm, inserting itself into our lives and even the world’s dictionaries, like Merriam-Webster. While the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, it seems like the selfie has always been an integral part of our lives. How else can we take a picture of ourselves wearing that new Mac Ruby Woo lipstick? Snapchat wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our incessant need to show people our faces and the different contortions we can make with them. It’s almost unthinkable to imagine a world without taking a selfie, so here are eight thoughts we have while taking them.

1. Will other people notice I have a zit on my face?

2. Does my makeup look on point?

3. Ugh, that double-chin has got to go.

4. Teeth or no teeth?

5. No matter how hard I try, I always do a duck face first.

6. Let me just run my fingers through my hair. Maybe that’ll give it some volume.

7. What filter is gonna make me look less like a ghost?

8. Too much cleavage or not enough?

Eventually, after all that hard work and constant movement for the right angle, we find the selfie that meets all our requirements. Your hair is bouncy and looks like you’ve got effortless beach waves. Once your selfie is posted on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve closed one mini chapter of your day and can move on to the next one: planning your second selfie. Happy selfie-taking, ladies!

Alexia Fernandez is a senior at the University of Florida. A journalism major, she has been interested in films, books and pop culture since she can remember. An avid film buff, she hopes to one day write screenplays, make films and tell stories through as many mediums as possible.
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