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8 Summer Jobs Every College Student Would Love

When summer rolls around, college students everywhere return home and face the inevitable summer challenge: finding a job. Since college summer breaks are almost twice as long as the average high school break, college students prime employees. But if you’re the type of student who dreads working a 9-to-5 job, don’t worry! Not all summer jobs will make you wish you were back in Gainesville. Here are eight summer jobs that will not only help you save up for the fall, but also ensure that you have fun while doing them:

1. Be a nanny I know that being around kids all day may not seem like the most exciting job, but it’s definitely one of the most fulfilling. Being a nanny usually offers flexible hours and high pay. Plus, you’re given the chance to plan your own day. From the park to the pool, it’s totally up to you!

2. Work at a water park If you’re outside during the summer, it probably means you’re sweating – especially in Florida. Sitting under the hot sun may give you a tan but not before you’ve sweat off half your body weight. One fun way to fix that scenario is to work at a water park! Not only are you surrounded by water the whole day, but you also get to be around happy people who are having fun.

3. Get an internship Internships are the easiest way to make connections as an undergrad. You gain valuable experience in your field and make contacts with possible employers while doing it. If you look for an internship in a cool city like New York or Los Angeles, you can even explore a new place while you do it.

4. Be a summer camp counselor Working at a summer camp may be the most typical summer job, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Summer camp counselors go on fun excursions and never work weekend hours. Try applying to a camp that you went to as a child so that you’re not only working, but also helping in the same way someone once helped you.

5. Work at a movie theatre Having had a personal experience with this summer job, I know that movie employees get a free popcorn, soda, and movie ticket once a week. It was a great place to catch a flick with friends, and I always knew what the next big Oscar-winning piece was going to be. Although it might not weigh as heavily on your resume as an internship, working at a movie theatre will help you appreciate the hard work that goes into showing a film like no other job can.

6. Work at an ice cream shop Three words: free ice cream. Need I say more?

7. Be a lifeguard Being a lifeguard is both a lot of responsibility and a lot of fun. This job doesn’t only apply to people who live close to the coast either. Local country clubs and even community pools hire lifeguards every summer. This gives you the opportunity to show how well you work a one-piece bathing suit while also reliving your inner Baywatch fantasies.

8. Work at your favorite clothing store Who doesn’t want to get a discount at their favorite store? If you find yourself consistently heading to the same place to pick up a new dress, try applying there. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere, and your closet will thank you!

Whatever you decide to do this summer, enjoy it. Though it may be tempting to lie around and watch Spongebob Squarepants reruns all day in your pajamas, try to get out there and be productive! There’s nothing more satisfying than earning your own money. Happy job hunting, collegiettes™!


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