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8 Daily Struggles of Depending on the Bus System

If you live-off campus, you know the daily struggle of having to depend on the RTS bus routes for just about everything. Want to drive your car to class? Good luck because you’ll never find a spot or get to class on time. Have an 8 a.m.? Tough because the next three buses will be full of students by the time they get to you. Unfortunately, there is no getting around depending on the bus system during school hours. Let’s embrace the daily bus struggles that we go through together, shall we? 

1. When you have to make a run for the bus, and the driver sees you and keeps going

2. When the bus takes a break for what feels like forever

3. When the Rider app isn’t accurate 

4. When you have an 8 a.m. and the bus is full

5. When the bus driver brakes too hard 

6. When the driver doesn’t stop at the requested stop

7. When the bus is either Antarctica or the Sahara and never in between



8. When the driver closes the back door and almost keeps going without letting you out 

We all know we have to deal with the bus system, so we might as well make fun of our experiences together. Happy bussing, Collegiettes!

Image credit: magic4walls.com

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