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7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Dye from Fading

If you’ve just recently delved into the land of colored hair like me, then you’re probably looking for a way to make sure your new (and, most likely, expensive) hair will stand the test of time. Or maybe you hate your colored hair, in that case, you can treat this as a what-not-to-do list. In any case, colored hair tends to fade quickly. Here are a few ways to make sure that your colored tresses will make a lasting impression this season.

1. Your hair needs sunscreen, too

As Floridians we are no stranger to the dangers of the sun and the damage it can do to our skin. Sun, however, also has the power to fade your newly colored hair. To combat this you can use products like Phyto Plage Protective Beach Hair Spray, a cheap spray that will act as a sunscreen for your hair.

2. Wait to wash your hair

Water and shampoo are obviously your color’s biggest enemy. A habit I’m still trying to get used to is washing my hair with cold water. According to Matrix, when you wash your hair in hot water it causes your hair follicles to open more and in result more of your dye to slip out of your hair. Bonus tip: make sure not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours after you’ve dyed it to allow for the dye to set.

3. Skip a hair wash or two

You want to avoid washing your hair as much as possible. It’s okay to go a few days without washing your hair. It’ll allow your natural oils to coat your hair and create a nice barrier for the dye. Also, avoiding shampoo as much as possible is your best to keep your color intact. On the days your hair starts to get a little oily, just blast it with some dry shampoo to revive it.

4. Using heat on your hair is a no-go

You probably already know that heat is damaging for your hair, but it’ll also affect the longevity of your hair color. The more heat you use on your hair the quicker the dye is going to fade. If you feel like you must style your hair make sure to use your favorite heat protectant spray.

5. Leave-in conditioners are your new best friends

After you’ve dyed your hair, it tends to become more brittle and dry, especially if you’ve bleached it first. According to The Every Girl, you can combat this with leave-in conditioners or at home remedies to add some more moisture back to your hair.

6. Use products made for color-treated hair

When you are washing your hair, you should be using products made for dyed hair –– regular shampoo uses sulfates that will strip your hair color quickly. You can even add a little bit of your dye to your conditioner so that each time you wash your hair, it’ll be like a little retouch up of your new color.

7. No more pool trips

You may not be taking any dips in the pool right now, but when spring comes around make sure to avoid chlorinated water. Chlorine can strip your hair of its color as well as create a brand-new color, most likely with a greenish tint. If you do go swimming, make sure to put in some leave-in conditioner to try and protect your hair as much as possible.

This list is going to be my commandments for the next few months until I decide to re-dye my hair some other color. I hope these tips will help you to enjoy your new hair for a little bit longer! 

Michaela is a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida and is currently majoring in journalism. You can find her soaking up the Florida sun at the beach, shopping at a thrift store, or in the front row of a local band's show. Her friends, good coffee and a book are one of the many things that keep her smiling every day. 
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