7 Types of People You'll Meet at UF, as Described by Halloween Candies

As a college student, I’ve encountered many different types of people.. In light of a spooky holiday approaching, I wanted to share my favorite Halloween Candy and how they describe the different people you might meet on and off campus at UF.

1. Now and Later Fun Size

Every kid knows the feeling of looking at their Halloween basket halfway through November and having a dismal feeling when the only candy left is Now and Later Fun Sizes. No one wants to eat the taffy, fruity candy that seems perpetually stale. The lingering, now but probably later candy reminds us all those fifth year UF students that just can’t seem to graduate. Those students that hang out at your favorite table at Marston sipping on Frappuccinos and scrolling through Facebook albums of past game days, seemingly never doing work are the perfect embodiment of the tragic Halloween candy, Now and Later.

2. Candy Corn

The Halloween season is forever marked by the presence of Candy Corn. Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the tri-colored, bite-size candy. Just like Halloween needing Candy Corn, Gainesville needs those locals that make the town what it is (Dennis this is for you!). Gainesville is special because of the residents, just like Halloween being special because of Candy Corn. We hate to love it, but we do!

3. Sour Patch Kids

First, they’re sour, then they’re sweet, then they’re gone! We love all the freshman who wanted to go to a different college but ended up at UF! Sour Patch Kids are a perfect description for those students that you see in your dorm’s communal kitchen but they won’t say hi to you because they just really don’t want to be here. Things start getting a little sweeter when those students realize UF is the best college on earth and things aren’t so bad. Now that quiet kid cooking pasta at 9 p.m. in your dorm is friendly and wants to know if you want to get tacos next Tuesday. Then, those students are gone after the year because they don’t really want to keep in contact with kids they didn’t even want to know in the first place. We all know a Sour Patch Kid in Gainesville.

4. M&Ms Peanut Fun Size

Peanut M&Ms are perfect because they are so normal and sweet on the outside but hard and nutty on the inside. These perfect little candies remind me of so many students at UF I have met, such a normal and sweet outside, but once you really get to know them, they are a little nutty. You can find these seemingly normal students studying on the third floor of Library West or speed walking to office hours every afternoon. Balancing academics and a social life can drive any student to become a Peanut M&M. With such a normal exterior, these students are so hard to identify.

5. Hershey’s Kisses

These little chocolate candies are a delicious and tiny treat. With such a shiny and pretty wrapping, these candies are akin to the many girls in Gainesville that belong to a sorority. Most girls in those organizations are put together with perfect hair and clothes, and are so sweet to meet. Hershey’s Kisses are a fun little candy to hand out on Halloween, just like all the many sorority girls are the best to run into on Halloween. Their costumes are always the most creative and their attitudes are always so sweet.

6. Butterfinger Fun Size

At all times of the day, any resident of Gainesville can drive through campus and see hordes of students playing intramural sports. These students are so similar to the beloved Butterfinger candy for their incredible effort and slightly underwhelming performance. Butterfingers could never compare to those amazing candy bars like Snickers or Twix, kind of how intramural players just can’t keep up with the student athletes of UF.

7. Nestle 100 Grand Fun Size

Walking into Marston Library on any given day about a dozen 100 Grand students can be seen. These students are effortlessly drawing on whiteboards with expo markers and intelligence. Many of these special people are so gifted academically they can help the TA with a math problem or two when they are struggling. 100 Grand bars are a perfect expression of the genius UF students who will, in fact. go off and make 100 Grand or more every year.

Describing people as candy is fun and everything, but being attentive to the types of people you surround yourself with is very important for self growth. I would much rather spend my Halloween with a Peanut M&M than a Now and Later.