7 Tips for Planning a Successful Weekend Getaway

It all starts with the careless saying, “Oh, it would be nice to go to ____ one of these days!” That’s the first step — you are on to something. Next, you are looking up ways of getting there and gathering friends to join in on the fun. Let me make it easier for you to plan a weekend getaway with friends and make sure it’s a successful one!

1. Do your research

So, you’ve already seen pictures of friends in that same place you were talking about. Do your research, list the places you'd want to visit and plan which day you plan on going there. There are limited days to see certain hotspots of a certain town, so you want to make sure you know about all the expenses, wait times (if any), and the exclusivity of places.

If you are looking to book a plane ticket, I suggest using search engines, like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, etc. for the best prices. Personally, I love using Frontier Airlines for their cheap domestic flight options. (My friend went to Providence, Rhode Island for a weekend for as little as $85 dollars!)

2. If you are traveling on a plane, be prepared

This means that you need to actually get to the airport on time, have your ticket printed and even download your airline’s app. There’s nothing worse than starting a trip with a missed flight. Girl, you have places to be and people to see!

3. Don’t disregard basic clothes items, but don’t rely on them

This one is tricky, but with a decent guessing ability of what is a bold item and what is not, it can be mastered. That white T-shirt looks cute with your blue jeans, but for every outfit, you need one or two items that are bold. Your subdued jeans and T-shirt deserve some attention with some colorful earrings and bold shoes. Bold items will add an edge to your style, without making it seem like too much. Click here for more fashion inspiration!

Why do I say this? Trust me, you want to make your trip worthwhile by having the most fun and taking the best pictures with your friends. (Not just for Instagram — your mom will enjoy them, too!)

4. Be $mart

Ok, so I know that money is a daily struggle for us college students, and it definitely isn't easier when you're traveling. But realistically, your trip will be a sum of eating overpriced food that you don’t eat on a daily and wanting to buy everything you see in that fancy mall in the city. Also, museums and local attractions will most likely have an entrance fee. Make sure you have extra money for these. Have a decent amount of cash with you and plan on using it before reaching for your credit card. Having the money in front of you will help with overspending. Keep your student ID handy, though, because many attractions and museums have student discounts!

5. Wash your hands to combat travel germs

The recycled air in planes does no good for your skin, so have a moisturizer handy. As for buses, they are not the cleanest form of transportation, either.

All in all, strive to stay on top of your skin care routine. Wear moisturizer and sunblock, if needed. Just because you are on a vacation, it doesn’t mean that you should disregard your skin. Wash your face and hands! (Getting sick is NEVER fun, even if you’re in another state.)

6. Download Uber or Lyft

We live in an era where we rely on these two apps to get around. Unless you have a subway or metro in the city you are visiting (which is super cool), you will need these apps. Worried about the costs of rides? Uber and Lyft let you split the cost with other riders!

7. You brought your friends with you, not your stress

It’s okay to let go of all school-related issues for a weekend. Just make sure you have a plan to catch-up on schoolwork for when you get back! Or, do your homework in the bus or plane ride.

We all need some unwinding after working hard at school, so don’t feel guilty for wanting to relax with a change of scenery. What are your go-to travel resources and tips? Let us know in the comments below!