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7 Tips to Make You the Queen of Moving

Despite the onset of quarantine across the country, the season of moving is coming. Whether you are moving out of your dorm and into an apartment, moving back home for the summer or preparing to move away from home, the task of packing up belongings and relocating can seem daunting. I have moved six times, not including my move to college. Over the years, I have picked up some helpful tricks to make moving less of a task and more into an enjoyable experience. Here are seven moving tips to make your upcoming move a successful one.


One of the last things you want to do when you move is drag along all of the things that you no longer need or want. Moving is the perfect excuse to do a deep clean out of everything. I usually like to start with clothes and donate or sell everything that no longer fits or is no longer my style. I also look into notebooks and reading materials that have accumulated through school. I think it’s safe to say that you don’t need that U.S. History notebook from three years ago.

It’s also important to take your décor into account. If you plan on buying new pictures, sheets or bedding for your new place, then there’s no point in bringing along the old stuff. I usually offer up my old decorations to my siblings before throwing it into the donate pile.

Work in increments

The next most stressful thing about moving is that it can become overwhelming quickly. To decrease stress, I suggest taking things step by step. If it’s possible, try to take down your decorations over the course of several days. This will help you break up the entire process into smaller, more manageable tasks.

It may also be helpful for you to move things out at different times. If you’re moving back home, or if you have access to your new place, try taking over boxes of out-of-season clothes or unused materials each time you visit. By doing this, you can slowly empty out your old living quarters and save yourself the anxiety of having to do everything at once.

Pre-package what you can

One of the things that saved me on move-in day was that I had done most of the work before I walked in the door. If you have things that you plan to hang up at your new place, go ahead and keep them on the hangers when you pack. Just slide them into a large plastic bag with a hole cut into the top for the hangers to peek out of. This way, when you’re ready to move in, all you have to do is cut away the plastic and not have to worry about re-hanging all of your clothes.

Same goes for if you have plastic drawers or containers that hold things like underwear, swimsuits or anything else. If you pre-pack the drawers with what you want in them, you can use tape to secure them and make sure nothing falls out. Once you move in, just place the plastic drawers where you want them to go, and the clothes will already be in place.

Utilize every inch of space

To cut back on items you have to carry and waste from boxes, make sure you use every inch of the container space you already have. Put smaller items like remotes, mugs and decorations inside of things like laundry baskets. Suitcases and storage bins can also be used instead of boxes. This will decrease the number of things you’re forced to carry. Blankets can also be used to keep fragile things from breaking and as separators between bigger items.

Sort things before packing

For the items that you can’t pre-package, it helps if they are sorted and organized when you are putting them into boxes. Keep your decorations, kitchen supplies and clothes separated with clear labels on the outside of the box. When you get them to your new location, you’ll probably want to work on one room at a time, and this trick will save you from shuffling through boxes and making a mess in the process. Plus, if things are clearly labeled, then you’re less likely to lose items in the process of your move.

Get all of the help you can

Moving can be difficult to do alone, especially when it comes to getting the bigger items. If you can get your friends and family involved in the process, it might make things a ton easier. Just be sure to thank them for their work (maybe with pizza!) and be careful when lifting big items like dressers and bed frames. More people also means fewer trips to pack up the car and more time spent laughing and making jokes.

On move-in day, don’t be afraid to take breaks

When it comes to projects, I am not one to stop in the middle. I prefer to see things through until they are completely finished, even if that means I’m lack food and sleep. It’s important not to do this on move-in day. Chances are your move will take multiple hours if not days, and you are bound to get tired and hungry. Make sure you are taking breaks to rest and refuel so that you can be in your most productive state. Those who are assisting you will enjoy the break too.

Moving can be a tedious process, but it is also a shot at a clean slate and exciting new beginnings.  By using these tips, you can help make your moving process less of a hassle and more enjoyable so that you can focus on a fresh start and not on dingy boxes.

Growing up I attended three elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. I moved a total of six times altogether: I have lived in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida (twice), Missouri and Indiana. Each move taught me to love the new experiences that the world has to offer. It was the constant moving that sparked my interest in travel. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed spending hours in new places, trying new foods and collecting new stories to tell. Besides my six moves, much of my time is spent traveling to other cities within the United States. So far, my favorites have been New York City and New Orleans. The beignets from Café Du Monde made me want to cry tears of joy. My ultimate travel goal is to one day visit France. I desperately want to see the Palace of Versailles and walk through the Hall of Mirrors. While experiencing the world thus far, my taste buds have developed an affinity for coffee. Since the age of five, I have been an avid drinker. My body calls for coffee first thing in the morning and sometimes at night. I am a firm believer that all coffee needs caffeine. I also have a wicked sweet tooth and am willing to try any number of milkshakes, ice cream and doughnuts. My great loves are traveling, coffee and sweets; I also love to write. I hope to one day use my degree in journalism to tell other people’s stories in an entertaining and informative manner. It is also a part of my plan to attend law school. I look forward to experiencing all the adventures (sweets and coffee included) that life has to offer!
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