7 Tips for Better Hair Health

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Boots and sweaters aren’t all that’s in season; winter is also a time for dry, damaged hair. Long or short, straight or curly — here are some tips to help keep your locks looking silky and strong during the cold months and year round.

1. Turn down the heat.While cold weather can naturally dry out your locks, heat can cause lots of damage as well. Try to avoid washing your hair in super hot water (if you can manage it) and skip using the hair dryer or flat/curling iron more often.

2. Ditch the updo more often.Tying your hair up can put a lot of strain on your scalp, sometimes pulling the follicles out completely and causing hair loss over time. Give your hairline a break by wearing your hair down when you sleep, avoiding putting it up before it’s dry (hair is most vulnerable when wet!) and wearing softer elastic bands without glued seams or metal ends.

3. Take charge of your nutrition.Nutrition plays a part in everything, including how healthy your hair is. Foods such as seafood, eggs, spinach and blueberries all contain nutrients that can promote stronger, better-looking hair. Be sure to pay special attention to how much vitamins A, C and E you’re getting daily. Sometimes a shortage in minerals can also cause unhealthy hair.

4. Be gentler with the brush.Similar to using tight bands to put up your hair, yanking at it mercilessly with a brush or comb isn’t doing your locks any favors. Pulling at knots until they break or tear is one of the major causes for split ends, so use more patience next time your hair gets tangled.

5. Try a homemade “hair mask.”Don’t waste your money on expensive “deep-conditioning” products, as simple kitchen ingredients work just the same, if not better! Various mixtures of raw egg, olive oil, avocado and other ingredients have shown to produce silky, vibrant hair when applied as a mask. This is because they contain lots of beneficial oils and proteins that can sometimes be stripped away over time.

6. Don’t forget the conditioner.This seems like a given, but not everyone uses conditioner out there, so it has to be mentioned. It exists for a reason, and if you notice that your hair just isn’t as healthy as it used to be, try upgrading your regimen.

7. Less is more.Less heat, less styling and less products. Just like you probably take lazy days just for yourself, allow time for your hair to take a break from all the torture you put it through.

No matter what kind of hair you have, it deserves some tender, loving care. If you notice that your hair is feeling wiry or dry this winter, try a few of these helpful tips to get your hair feeling silky smooth again!