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7 Steps to Binge-Watching a Show Like a Pro

Since the emergence of Netflix (#blessed), it’s not uncommon for us millennials to “binge-watch” TV shows, meaning you watch multiple episodes at a time and finish the entire series way faster than you probably should. By now, I’m sure you’ve done it (shamefully, I’ve seen multiple shows all the way through in the span of a couple of weeks). I have some tips and tricks to make your next binge-watching experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible, because the more shows you can watch, the better. Here are seven steps to take in order to binge-watch like a pro.

1. Pick a show, any show.

The quicker you pick a show, the quicker you can get to watching. Hint: Take suggestions from friends.

2. Create a watching schedule around your real schedule.

Of course, school or work comes first, but a nice balance between a social life and Netflix is definitely acceptable.

3. Watch in your free time, but don’t go overboard.

If you find that you have a free hour or two, watch a few episodes. But whatever you do, do not neglect your responsibilities to watch Gossip Girl– at least not too often.

4. Be productive while watching.

Just because you have Netflix running doesn’t mean you can’t do homework or clean your room at the same time. Or go to the gym and watch Grey’s Anatomy on your phone while on the treadmill – if you’re into that.

5. Have snacks on hand. Always.

Whether it’s M&M’s or popcorn, nothing makes watching TV better than having some great snacks with you. Who needs guys when you have chocolate?

6. If you fall behind, schedule more time later in the week.

Just like if you were to fall behind on homework, you are going to have to make sacrifices to keep up with your binge-watching goals. If you have to skip that party on Friday night to finish the last season of Friends, then do it. Sometimes a sacrifice for Netflix is necessary.

7. Enjoy the downtime.

Whenever you can afford to just relax and focus on your latest binge-watching sesh, enjoy it. Who knows when life is going to hit you with a ton of homework or birthday parties or meetings and you’ll be too busy to just “Netflix & chill,” if you will.


By following these tips, your binge-watching sessions are sure to be more effective and ensure that you get as much Netflix time in as possible. In my professional experience, I have tried this method, and I can personally attest to it working. Never again will you get too busy to watch some Parks & Rec, because we all need a little Leslie Knope in our lives sometimes, right?

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