7 Signs You’re a Girly Girl

It’s no secret I’m a girly girl. Just about everything I own is in a pretty shade of pink or sparkles. Or both. Not to mention, my closet consists only of elegant dresses and floral skirts. Here are a few irrefutable signs that you’re a fan of all things girly too.

1. You are completely confident in your love for pink.True life: Everything you own is the color pink. It started out innocently. A dress here. Some school supplies there. But now you, and anyone who comes into contact with you, experience a full-on pink out (when one is surrounded by so much pink that it literally consumes them). The obsession with pink leaves you like a moth drawn to a flame, and now it’s just an unstoppable obsession.

2. Pinterest is your job.The number of hours you have spent cultivating and creating your Pinterest boards leaves you basically set for life. Just about every part of your future is planned. You’ve already planned your wedding. You have a board devoted to what your future house and closet will look like and be filled with. You have an entire list of crafts you plan on making. But most importantly, you have countless ideas for yummy, mouthwatering recipes to try.

3. The sole problem with makeup is that you want it all.Walking into M.A.C. or Sephora can you give you an ultimate high, but your bank account reaches an ultimate low. You also leave the store with so many different lipstick colors sampled on your hand that you look like the makeup counter exploded on you.

4. Getting ready is actually fun for you.Whether it be for going out or simply running errands for the day, you find getting ready actually enjoyable. And contrary to popular belief, getting ready doesn’t take you a large amount of time; practice makes perfect, am I right?

5. Matching accessories actually make your heart flutter.Finding the perfect necklace to go with that new dress you just bought — or earrings that are the exact same shade of teal as the new skirt you just ordered online — makes you one happy girl. Your heart kicks into overdrive when you walk into stores that organize their accessories by color. You’re like a kid in a candy store.

6. Your girlfriends mean everything to you.Hanging with your best friends is always an amazing experience. Through ups and downs, these girls have become a part of your family. Not to mention, the healing powers of a girls night can do wonders regardless of what is going on in your life at the current moment.

7. Monograms are essential.Those three interlocking letters cover many of your favorite items. Your laptop case, your car, your water bottle and even the keychain on your car keys tells the world the three little letters that make up your identity in a completely elegant cursive font.

If any of these things seem to describe your lifestyle, you indeed can be classified as a girly girl! Keep it pink and sparkly, ladies!


Photo credit:sonymoviechannel.co.uk