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7 Recipes to Change Up Your Quarantine Baking

With all this extra time on most of our hands, it seems like everyone has decided to spend more time in the kitchen, myself included. It’s easy to turn to recipes that we know we love, like banana bread, with ingredients we know we have.

But after a month in self-isolation, let’s face it: there’s only so many times you can bake your overripe bananas into a loaf before you become tired of it. 

Here are some recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and try something new.


Flourless chocolate cake

If you’re craving chocolate but can’t find flour in the store, this flourless chocolate cake is naturally gluten-free, and is rich and fudge-like.

Here’s a vegan option, as well.

S’more slutty brownies

Remember a few years back when slutty brownies were all over Tumblr and Pinterest? Why not try them again with a twist, with this s’more inspired version. 

Lemon pound cake ft. angel food cake

If you’re not in a rush and feeling daring, Bon Appetit Magazine’s recipes are complex enough that you can lose yourself in the baking. 

This lemon pound cake looks delicious, and now might just be the perfect time to try your hand at making fluffy Angel Food Cake, but just a head’s up – you need cake flour and a special pan.

Fruit muffins

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not try making a few batches of muffins to start your day off right?

Both blueberry and apple are a perfect choice right now, and even these raspberry lemon ones look yummy. 

Vegan chocolate chip cookie bars

If you’re not in the mood for fruit – don’t worry, I feel you.

Try out these chocolate chip cookie bars.

They’re no-bake cookies and are naturally vegan.

So, use all of the rolled oats you may have lying around and get started!

Cinnamon sugar donuts

If you’ve found yourself missing donuts recently, try out these gluten-free cinnamon sugar ones.

They bake super-fast, and users in the comments revealed they were able to swap some unavailable ingredients for ones they had.

Cinnamon rolls

If you’ve been seeing people making bread but have been too intimidated by the process of yeast and starter doughs, this cinnamon roll recipe is the perfect way to try out using yeast before you delve into the world of bread making.

Plus, you still have something sweet. A win-win!


For all of these, I definitely recommend reading the recipe reviews.

People usually share slight modifications that make the recipes better or comment on any problems that occurred while baking.

By reading them before you start baking, you can see what worked best for most people. 

Happy baking!

Sydney ElDeiry is a University of Florida sophomore majoring in journalism and political science.
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