7 Reasons We’re Counting Down for Awkward’s Fall Premiere


If you’re at all familiar with MTV's Awkward, then you’re fully aware that Jenna Hamilton hasn’t had the easiest time getting through high school. She’s had to recover from being the “girl who tried to kill herself,” choose between two incredibly attractive guys, and regain her BFF's trust after a drunken lip-lock almost torched their friendship. It’s safe to say there will be plenty of reasons for Awkward fans to rejoice everywhere in anticipation of the fall premiere.

1) The "Team Matty" OR "Team Collin" Debate 
During season three we were introduced to Collin, a charming guy with nice hair and a mysteriously cool personality. Jenna quickly took interest in the new guy leaving fans wondering if Matty will be able to conquer yet another bro battle for Jenna’s heart or if Collin win it all.

2) Who killed Ricky Schwartz?
Ricky locked lips with Tamara, Sadie, and Jenna (Oh and Clark, too), but it’s still unclear how he really died. Could his constant cheating be a motive for one to commit such a crime or were peanuts really the cause of his last breath? Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for the killer to be revealed.

3) Are Jake and Tamara going to last? 
We really want this GF/BF/BFF pair to make it to the end, but will Tamara’s constant need to boss Jake around force him to leave her high and dry? We can only hope the two work out their problems to prove all the haters wrong.

4) What else will the "Asian Mafia" give Ming? 
After Ming’s outburst toward "Asian Mafia" dictator, Becca, we were sure there would be repercussions. Little did we know the "Asian Mafia" would de-crown its current dictator and make Ming the reigning queen. With her newfound royalty, she can call a secret number and get whatever she wants. I guess the "Asian Mafia" works in mysterious ways.

5) Is there hope that Val can one day be normal? 
Our favorite guidance counselor/vice principal/substitute is always working around the clock to keep Palos Hills High School stay afloat. We know her heart is in the right place, but what’s with the constant stories about her cat and fanny pack and the need to be in everyone’s business? Love ya, Val.

6) Is Jenna turning into a rebel? 
Following Jenny’s mishap of cheating on her genetically perfect boyfriend, Matty, on the mid-season finale we have to ask: really Jenna? If you’re up to date on the previews of the fall premiere, you already know Jenna is still cheating on Matty, disobeying her mom, and smoking pot. Maybe Jenna’s not the goody two-shoes we thought she was.

7) Will Sadie accept being poor?
If there’s one person we love to hate, its Sadie. Now that she’s poor and has been outcasted from the popular crowd, we’re left to wonder if she’s going to turn over a new leaf and start being nice. Yeah right... that’ll never happen.

Tune in to MTV on October 22 at 10:30 p.m. to catch the fall premiere and watch all the drama unfold at Palos Hills High School! You’re Welcome.

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