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7 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. To celebrate the women who are biological mothers, anyone who is a mother figure and even the moms of our four-legged furry friends, it’s important to show them all how much you care and appreciate what they do.

Whether you’re on a college budget or not, these gifts under $20 are great ways to show your love.

1. A great candle

Candles are always a safe choice, and at such a cheap price, you can grab a few so she can have one in every room in the house.

2. Wine tumbler

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of red after working a 9-5? This tumbler is the perfect answer. It’ll keep her drink cold on a hot May night.

3. Mom mug

Near or far, you and your mom can stay connected with mugs. They’re easily customizable, which adds the perfect sentimental touch.

4. Cookbook

Cookbooks are for the at-home chef in your life who can make more than your standard bowl of cereal. Gift your mother with a cookbook by her favorite Food Network star and maybe she’ll whip something up on your next visit home.

5. Plantable card

What’s better than a card that basically says everything you love about your mom? A card that can show the growth of that love. This card is eco-friendly and great for a post-succulent gardener.

6. Earrings

For the woman who always seems to be glamorous, this pair of earrings will make any simple outfit pop.

7. Homemade brunch

Go old school, but instead of Cheerios in bed, invite your mom over for an at-home brunch. With simple and delicious recipes, you can show her just how much you can actually cook. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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