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7 Drake Lyrics I Wish Someone Would Sing to Me

Aubrey Drake Graham, Champagne Papi, better known as the beloved Drizzy Drake, seems to have a way with girls to make us feel like there really is a guy out there who understands us. He might be a rapper who balls out with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross at the strip club on a Saturday night, but he has shown us that he’s the type of guy to cuddle up on Sunday. Drake has shown us his vulnerabilities, his past and his cute little blonde-haired mother. He quite literally started from the bottom, as an actor on Degrassi and now he’s here, infiltrating our hearts with unrealistic expectations of rapper romanticism. He was the first rapper I loved in middle school, he was one of my first Myspace profile songs, and he will always be the first guy I pick to swoon over in a rap battle.

1. “If you had a twin I would still choose you. – “Work” by Rihanna ft. Drake
Drake doesn’t care about looks. He doesn’t care that your mascara has accumulated under your eyes after a long and stressful day at work. It doesn’t matter to him that your hair doesn’t glisten like one of the Kardashian sisters. He isn’t insanely intoxicated by your lips or eyes or smile, though those don’t hurt. He loves your soul, and no identical genetic equivalent can replace that.

2. “You could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice. – “Best I Ever Had”
Not only does he want to offer his heart to you, but more importantly, he understands the profound effect that sharing food has with you. Is he offering you a slice of chocolate cake with extra fudge frosting on the day that you’re PMS-ing really badly? Is he tempting you with a slice of pizza bigger than your head with four types of cheeses and a garlic bread crust? Probably both. Because he just really gets you.

3. “I’ve asked about you and they’ve told me things, but my mind didn’t change. – “Take Care”
Drake cares about you to such an extent that he is asking others about you. He knows you tend to bottle things up and can send mixed signals, so he took it upon himself to see what others have noticed about you. These people may have not been in your best interest, and may have told some bad things about you. But Drake knows the real you, and those things don’t matter. He is not easily influenced by gossip and rumors and won’t write you off like on-campus parking ticket.

4. “And I love it when your hair’s still wet. Cause you just took a shower.” – “Make Me Proud”
Drake appreciates hygiene, as we should all. To him, it is the simple things about you that make you the best version of yourself. Sure, you look nice with your $45 Naked 3 eyeshadow palette on your eyes and your hours of invested time in your perfectly curled hair, but that towel turban, that stringy wet mush of hair that hangs on your shirt and leaves a wet mark — that’s beautiful. Side note: Drake respects your privacy and your alone time to shower without him so that you can scrub effectively and ponder thoughtfully. What a guy.

5. “I’m more than just a number, I doubt you’ll find another. So every single summer, I’ll be the one that you remember. – “Find Your Love”
There is a sad nostalgic tone in this. Summertime and you seem to be synonymous in Drake’s life which means you probably shared a lot of laughs over melted ice cream, smiles over sunsets on the beach and late nights sneaking out to watch the stars. Maybe it ended, but it is nice that you always have one of the four seasons to consistently rely on to return and bring back the sweet old memories of that one summer with Drake. Though he seems pessimistic in your ability to find somebody else, it really just mean that for him it is too painful for him to picture you with anyone else.

6. “You know what I’m sipping, I teach you how to mix it. But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bi****s. – “Trust Issue”
First of all, Drake is interested in teaching you how to mix it, so he sees your curiosity in bartending and wants to show you the ropes that he’s learned in his years traveling through many bars. Very considerate of him to take the time to improve your skills. Second of all, you are the only one so you can be sure that you don’t need to steal his phone when he’s not looking to check for other girls’ names. And lastly, he doesn’t trust the other girls, which implies that he does trust you. Bam. Perfectly healthy monogamous relationship built on bartending and trust.

7. “We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together. But we sure make it feel like we’re together. – “Doing it Wrong”
Drake knows you have a busy life. Along with being a full-time student, you hold a job, leadership positions and value your eight hours of sleep every night. You don’t necessarily have time for that solid commitment that a traditional relationship entails, and he understands that and is willing to work with it. He won’t say the “L” word and you won’t have to make it Facebook official. He recognizes and acknowledges this current generations “hookup” culture and is willing to make it work for you.

To be totally honest, I don’t know if Drake is even single. He might be, but with all of the love and romantic gestures he is constantly talking about he might have a wife and two children and we have just been misinterpreting his lyrics the whole time. This might be the case, or maybe he really has been confessing his deep connection and willing to work on our relationship to all of us this whole time. I know which way I’ll continue to interpret those smooth words.

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