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7 Bag Essentials for a New Gator

Hi, new Gators! On behalf of Her Campus UFL, welcome to the University of Florida! We’re sure you’ll love it here. 
Right now the campus may seem a little complicated, your roommate a little weird and the obsession with football a little extreme, but being a collegiette is really not that difficult when you’re prepared. In fact, with the right items packed in your bag, you’ll be more than ready for any challenge that comes your way.
Take it from us – we know from experience that every item on this list is something you’ll be glad to have with you from your first day to graduation day. Whether you favor a functional backpack or a cute purse, make sure you’ve packed the right tools to be a successful UF student.
1. An umbrella
This may seem like common sense, but they’re so easy to forget. Buy a full-sized (but compact) umbrella, stow it in your bag and never take it out. Never. Not even if it’s a sunny day. Not even if your iPhone doesn’t forecast rain. As soon as you take it out, you’ll need it!
2. A campus map
We’re sure you’ve realized UF’s campus is big. Really big. It might take some time to remember just where all your classes, the library and the dining hall are located, but we promise it’s a lot easier to manage after a few days of exploring. Don’t overestimate your navigation skills; when it comes time to find that random old classroom your club is meeting in, you’ll wish you had a map.
3. Your Gator1 ID
Your Gator1 has magic powers – among them, vending machine money, FlexBucks, free access to Gainesville city buses, admittance to Gator Nights and other great perks that you don’t want to miss out on. Keep your ID on you at all times so when someone asks for it, you’ll have it.

4. A copy of the football schedule
Pretty much everything at UF is planned around football games, so it’s important to have a point of reference when you’re trying to schedule events. Print this out or copy it onto an index card. Even if you’re not into sports, it’s a good idea to know what’s going on, when.
5. Your camera
You never know when something photo-worthy will happen to you! What if Trey Burton sits next to you on the bus? What if you can get the perfect shot of the Graham Pond gator? What if you see your professor riding a pink scooter? Don’t miss your Kodak moment.
6. A laptop charger
It’s kind of like Murphy’s Law, except applied to technology: whenever you need your laptop the most, the battery will be dead. Avoid the problem by having a back up! Keep your charger in your bag. If you need it in your room, use it and remember to return it. You’ll thank us later.
7. A day planner
UF always has something happening. To keep track of it all – club meetings, sports events, fundraisers, half off Mochi night downtown (tip: it’s Wednesday) – write down everything in one place. No schedule conflicts, no problems.
Now you’re ready for your first week. Go Gators!

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