6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Quarantine

If you love Halloween and were looking forward to it this year, unfortunately, you will have to change how you celebrate it due to the coronavirus. Since most of us are in quarantine and, likely, will still be in October, it’s time to start thinking of some different ways to still have fun on Halloween. Just because we are in quarantine doesn’t mean we won’t be able to celebrate. There are lots of fun activities you can do at home or virtually with your friends. I came up with six ideas for you to try out this year to make sure you still have a great time on Halloween!

  1. 1. Binge old Halloween movies

    Halloween movies are always great to watch, and there are so many to choose from. While you won’t be able to get together with friends to watch them this year, you can still watch movies with friends virtually. Growing up, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the many popular Disney Halloween movies. Movies like “Twitches” and “Hocus Pocus” were definitely some favorites. Why not bring those back this year to help you celebrate Halloween by watching them virtually with friends? If you want to get even spookier, you can add some horror movies like “Halloween” into the mix. 

  2. 2. Try some new candy

    Around Halloween time, stores always get loads of candy in preparation for trick-or-treating. Even though trick or treating will not be happening for most people this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Celebrate Halloween at home by trying out some candy that you have never tried before! Lately, YouTubers have been making videos on taste-testing candy from different countries. You could recreate these videos by trying out new Halloween candy. Spice them up even more by doing this with friends.

  3. 3. Carve and/or decorate pumpkins

    Going to pumpkin patches to decorate pumpkins with family or friends has always been a popular Halloween tradition. However, since we will in quarantine, you can get pumpkins to carve or decorate at home. 

    You can paint or draw on your pumpkins or even add sparkles. While carving and decorating, have your friends or family on Zoom participate with you. Something that would also be fun for this activity would be having a contest over Zoom to see who created the best pumpkin. 

  4. 4. Have a virtual costume contest

    Just because we are in quarantine doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun dressing up this year! You can still celebrate Halloween by putting together a costume at home. If you don’t want to purchase a costume, go through your clothes and select some pieces you can put together to act as a costume. Many classic Halloween costumes can easily be made at home with your everyday clothes, such as a black cat costume.

    Get dressed up in your costume and host a costume contest on Zoom with your friends. Make someone the judge for the contest to pick the winner and add in some type of prize for fun!

  5. 5. Put up some Halloween decorations

    To get into the Halloween mood while in quarantine, try putting up decorations around your house or dorm. There are so many options to create a Halloween vibe. You can even decorate home without even buying anything. Print out Halloween-themed photos from Google and tape them up on your walls to act as posters. 

    If you do want to be a bit extra and purchase actual Halloween decorations, you can get neon signs in the shape of Halloween figures. They would look super cute in your house or dorm. 

  6. 6. Create Halloween makeup looks

    Halloween also means that people will be creating Halloween-inspired makeup looks! You can use beauty influencers’ Halloween posts on Instagram as inspiration to create your own Halloween makeup looks. If you love makeup, you can even try to create original Halloween looks and post them on your social media accounts, as well. 

Try out some of these activities so you can have the best time this Halloween while in quarantine!