6 UF Student Organizations You Probably Haven't Heard About

Students here in Gainesville have heard it time and time again: UF has more than 900 student clubs and organizations! But how is one to select from this plethora of choice? Not to worry. I’ve gone through them all to highlight six of the most unique clubs you probably haven't heard about: 

1. AeroGators: Have a passion for aeronautics? Trust your crafting skills enough to take flight in an aircraft you’ve built yourself? AeroGators meet every two weeks to assemble and then fly handcrafted sport aircrafts. Check them out if your stomach can handle it! 

2. Campus Juice: Ready to jump head-on into the juicing craze? Or maybe, you want to get more information on this new diet trend? Believe it or not, there’s an organization for that! Campus Juice is dedicated to educating students on the benefits of juicing and providing tips and info on how to get started. 

3. Eternally Edible Landscaping Club: If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands dirty in the Student Agricultural Gardens by the Bat House, Eternally Edible is the organization to get involved with. You can rent your own garden plot to plant as much organic, wholesome food as you want. Eternally Edible even has potlucks with food prepared from the plants grown in the garden. 

4. Just Shoe It: Devoted to learning about global poverty issues, Just Shoe It collects thousands of pairs of shoes to send to those in need around the world. If you were ever inspired by the TOMS initiative, or are just looking for a simple way to make a significant difference in someone’s life, Just Shoe It distributes shoes not only internationally, but also within the local community.

5. Objects in Motion: For the circus fan in all of us, Objects in Motion is a club for jugglers and unicyclists of all skill levels to learn and hone their talent. Even if you have never juggled/unicycled before, Objects in Motion has many opportunities to learn a new, unique talent from fellow students who have already mastered the art.

6. Sweet Gator Bakin’: Love to bake? Sweet Gator Bakin’ will feel just like home. Designed to bring together UF's finest bakers to do what they do best, Sweet Gator Bakin’ even incorporates community service events into its mission to combine the common love of desserts and all things sweet.