6 Trendy Internship Outfits That'll Make You the Star of Your Office

Spring semester is almost over and summer is right around the corner. You’ve gone through all the applications, cover letters, the interviews, and you finally did it — you got a summer internship! But now that you got the job, you have to look the part. Whether you are hoping to get hired there after graduation or you just want to beef up your resume, you need to dress to impress.

There are a few important things to remember when dressing for an internship. Your style may depend on the working environment. For example, I highly don’t recommend rocking your favorite ripped jeans to that financial firm. Same goes for crop tops for any internship unless paired with high-waisted bottoms that cover your stomach. The best way to find out what is acceptable to wear to work, is through the people that actually work there. Find their employees on social media, and try to see what they’re wearing. If you see that your boss normally wears t-shirts and sneakers to work, it’s safe to say you can probably get away with wearing t-shirts and sneakers to work! If you can’t find them on social media, just ask your boss what the proper attire is before your internship starts!

Don’t forget accessories. You don’t need to dish out hundreds of dollars on a bag to match every color of your closet. One large bag to carry all your essentials, is all you’ll need. Just make sure it is neutral, like black or white if this is going to be your everyday go-to.

Now that you know the basics, here are 6 trendy outfit ideas that are perfect for your summer internship, sans blazer.

1. Your typical 9-to-5

This chic ensemble screams “big city!” This look is perfect for an internship in almost any field! It doubles as professional and sassy while bringing neutral tones to a whole other level.

Get the Check Please Grey Multi Plaid Blouse ($28 at Tobi), the cameron street jensen ($378 at Kate Spade), the Bamboo Women's Single Band Chunky Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap ($29.99 at Amazon), or the Going Places Black Wide-Leg Pants ($36 at Lulu’s)

2. Not your average coffee girl

Whether you’re behind a desk or on the office coffee-run, this pencil skirt and flouncy-blouse pairing will keep you feeling both professional and confident. The light touches of pink make the entire outfit. The splash of color adds depth and personality to the ensemble.

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3. Simple

A jumpsuit is basically the modern-day pantsuit, only more casual and head-turning. I have never seen anyone NOT at their most confident while wearing a jumpsuit. This black jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for any type of internship. It is convenient for the days where you’re running late and don’t have time to put together an outfit, and it’s comfortable enough for the girl on-the-go. The houndstooth patterned heels will make a statement without clashing. You’ll never get behind with this simple watch that won’t break the bank.

Get the Flutter-Sleeve Jumpsuit ($110 at Banana Republic)

Get the Women’s Value Roman Strap Watch  ($9.99 at Target), Laura Black And White Houndstooth Ankle Strap Heels ($37 at Lulu’s)

4. Show your stripes

Normally crop-tops are a major no-no when it comes to working, but this is the exception. Paired with the perfect high-rise pants, this crop-top will cover your mid-riff while looking put together. This look is perfect for internships in media and fashion specifically, because of how versatile it is. Need to snap that #OOTD bathroom selfie? Do it for the ‘Gram. Need to make copies three-floors down? Run those chunky heels to the elevator. Accidentally run into the head of the company in the elevator? Just keep looking hella.

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5. Keep it casual

Some internships keep it completely casual. But just because your peers may be dressing like they would to their 9 a.m. lecture, doesn’t mean you should. The top can be formal or casual depending on the pairing, but the light-wash jeans create an approachable vibe. Monochromatic outfits always need a statement piece, and this is no exception. The satchel brings life to the whole outfit with the pink tones, while conforming to the blue theme.

Get the Aldo Glenda Satchel ($59.99 at DSW), Get Adidas Superstar Shoes ($80 at Adidas), AE Denim X Jeggings ($39.99 at American Eagle), or Top with Contrasting Trims ($39.90 at Zara)

6. Check it out

Sometimes neutral is the way to go. This dress can take you from a day at work, to a night on the town. Gingham is back in style! The addition of the patterned blazer adds a layer of professionalism without compromising style (and is perfect if it’s cold in the office)!

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Some of these looks may be too casual for some internships, so remember to do your research. Regardless of dress code, you can always add a personal touch of your own style to any look. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for professionalism. Your style expresses who you are. No matter how much or how little thought you put into your outfit, your personal style is showcasing who you are, and branding yourself to the world. Most companies want to see who you are. When you are going to your internship this summer, always ask yourself, “What would Elle Woods do?”