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6 Things You Didn’t Think to Bring Out

Phone? Check. ID? Got it. As you get ready for another night out, packing your purse may seem second nature. However, there are a few essential items most of us don’t think to bring…until it’s too late. Remember to pack these six items, and you’ll never be caught unprepared again!

I’ve got one word for you: blisters. They’re hard to avoid and they can turn the perfect night into a painful disaster. And yet, night after night we forgo our comfort in lieu of our (painfully) stylish pumps. Be it no more! Band-Aids are like God’s gift to aching feet and it’s about time we started using them. They are small, portable and perfect for a last-minute save when you feel your stilettoes beginning to chafe! It’s amazing the difference a little piece of plastic can make.

Throughout the night, your once-perfect makeup is bound to fade, leaving you looking a bit lackluster. Lipstick is an easy solution, yet commonly forgotten! This splash of color is the perfect facial pick-me-up for those nights when you just need a little boost. Don’t forget to pack this little guy; it’s easy to apply, fits into any clutch, and best of all gives you that “oomph” you just can’t go without!

Second Form
Congratulations – you’ve survived college life long enough to see your 21st birthday. Once you hit the big 2-1, the possibilities seem endless. Pre-games are now child’s-play… you’re ready for big-girl Midtown drinking! Not so fast, you over-agers. Just bringing your drivers license isn’t always enough, especially during the hectic days of football season. To avoid any setbacks—AKA suspicious bouncers—always remember to bring a second form of ID!

Hair Tie
Downtown isn’t just known for its pumping music – it’s the dancing that gets our blood racing. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with the girls or you’re eyeing the cute guy across the dance floor, odds are you’re in for a wild night. The downside? Dancing your heart out in the closed quarters of a club is bound to leave you looking a little disheveled. On nights like these, a hair tie might be your saving grace. Just like a Band-Aid, a little elastic can go a long way.

When you’re out for the night, food may be the last thing on your mind. However, take it from personal experience – there’s nothing worse than being hungry at a bar. When the late-night munchies come knocking a little early, are you really going to interrupt the fun to grab a meal? Bringing snacks along is the perfect solution. It prevents blood sugar levels from dropping too low, curbs those late-night pizza cravings and even helps absorb the alcohol in your system!

Important Contact Numbers
Let’s face it. We rely on our phones for just about everything, from GPS to Angry Birds and everything in between. The electronic phone book in particular has changed the way we operate. Gone are the days of memorizing your best friend’s phone number, you’ve got a contacts list for that! And yet, this luxury comes at a price. Being stuck out with a dead phone can lead to some serious problems…unless you come prepared. Pack a list of a few important contact numbers (written on paper) just in case. You’ll be glad you did!

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