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6 Things Parks and Recreation Taught Us

Whenever I’m in the mood for a laugh, I always head over to Netflix to watch a quick episode of my favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler as power-woman Leslie Knope is an inspiration to feminists everywhere as well as one of the best comedians out there today. Here are six things I’ve learned while watching Parks and Recreation:

1. Treat yoself.

Fine leather goods? Treat yoself. Parks and Recreation started a movement in our culture with the mantra “treat yoself.” It encompasses any number of things: Treat yoself to a day off, a delicious snack or a nice manicure. Treat yoself isn’t just a mantra — it’s a state of mind.

2. Never forget your best friend.

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are an inspiration for best friends everywhere because they are constantly keeping each other in line with their crazy antics. Having a best friend means having someone to bounce ideas off of and then having someone to help you bring even the wildest ideas into fruition. No matter where life takes you, don’t forget to bring your best friend along for the ride.

3. Find your passion.

Ron Swanson is passionate about three things: America, bacon and evading the government. Leslie Knope is passionate about Pawnee. Regardless of what you’re passionate about, having a passion to drive you is what will make you successful in life. If you’re not working toward a goal you feel strongly about, you’re not going to be working very hard. Leslie puts her mind to every task and makes it happen.

4. It’s never a bad time for waffles.

This is self-explanatory. Leslie is the queen of breakfast food, especially waffles. If you just got asked on a date or failed a huge exam, eat some waffles. You’ll feel better.

5. Don’t take no for an answer.

Leslie turns every no into a yes. If she wants to open a park, she will do everything in her power — and usually a few things not actually in her power — to make it happen. She will push her agenda because she feels strongly about it until whatever obstacle that was originally in her way no longer exists. Remembering to not take no as an answer is a good reminder for all of us. Sometimes all it takes is an extra little push.

6. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The parks and recreation department may look like a jumbled mess of mismatched humans, but look a little deeper and you’ll find a group of intensely driven, well-rounded individuals. Although Andy Dwyer may come off as a dopey musician, he actually is so much more. 

Parks and Recreation packs a lot of hilarious and poignant content into a short 30-minute time frame. Leslie will have you laughing until you cry with her crack-up one-liners. What television show teaches you important life lessons, collegiettes? 

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