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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Workspace More Productive

We all know that feeling when you’ve been stuck at your desk working for what seems like days, and you start feeling like you are being counter-productive by staying there. Maybe something like this.

As a self-proclaimed procrastinator, I have definitely been there. However, I do have a solution to keeping you on track and, relatively, pain-free when it comes to being productive: have a clean and beautiful workspace.

As strange as it may sound, my desk is my pride and joy. Over the years, I have developed a keen understanding of the word “desk-spiration” after too many nights spent on Pinterest looking for ways to make my desk as trendy as possible. Instead of going to the mall like a normal college girl, you can find me at Office Depot, scoping out the latest and greatest in desk fashion (it’s kinda sad, I know).

My point in all this is that I am probably the closest thing to a desk organization expert out there. Pulling from all of my desk organization knowledge, I have developed these six tips to help make your desk the best it can be. I can almost guarantee that by following these steps, your productivity will greatly improve because who doesn’t want a super cute and motivational desk? Okay, maybe just me, but I promise it helps.

1. Get rid of your junk.

This tip is number one for a reason. Before beginning any endeavor into making a highly productive desk, you must remove all of the crap that has piled up that no longer belongs there. You can either throw these things away or store them somewhere else, but nothing should be on your desk that would not be useful in 10 years. So the tape dispenser can stay, but get rid of your Calculus homework from last semester. I promise you no longer need it.

2. Always have a trash can within reach.

As an extension of the last tip (because I know trash can pile up quickly), always have somewhere to put that trash. My best advice is to keep a small trash can directly under your desk for easy access. A trash can on the other side of the room is completely pointless because you and I both know you aren’t going to get up and go throw anything away. Having a small trash can is perfect to constantly keep any building clutter off your desk.

3. Go shopping…often.

I know there won’t be any complaints about this one. A huge part of keeping me happy and productive at my desk is changing up my desk decor. Whether it be seasonally or once a month, I try to incorporate small changes to my workspace so it doesn’t get too boring and repetitive. Buy a fun tape dispenser to keep on your desk, or get some super bright-colored sticky notes that match some aspect of your workspace. There is no limit here, so just constantly keep up the renovations.

4. Have a small calendar and to-do list nearby.

For me, having a calendar and to-do list hanging directly in front of me when I work is one of the most effective ways to keep me on track and productive. Whenever I feel like I have too much going on, I can always look at my calendar and see that life isn’t as busy as it seems in my head. The world is not ending, and I do have time to breathe.

5. Have a place for everything.

This is probably the best tip I can give. The key to keeping your desk organized without mess is to assign a place for everything, and don’t keep things on your desk that don’t belong there. I have a place on my desk for my pencil/pen jar, my lamp, my sticky notes, my stapler, my tape dispenser and my memory jar. These items never move from their spots unless they are in use. Of course, it is okay to switch up the assigned locations of the items, but these things should never just be thrown on your desk. It takes two seconds to put a stapler in the right place. Come on, people.

6. Think fresh and clean.

Some people may not think about a desk getting dirty and dusty, but it most definitely does; therefore, it most definitely needs to be cleaned. At least twice a week, sometimes more, I will “deep clean” my desk, which basically entails removing everything from the top and going for a full on wipe-down using a duster and disinfecting wipes. This also gives you a chance to get creative and reorganize your desk. Keeping your desk clean is sure to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on that dreadful 2000-word paper.

By following these tips, your desk will always be good as new, and you’ll feel ready to take on any work that comes your way. Get to work, collegiettes!


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