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The 6 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

You know you have a serious case of wanderlust when your friend’s sunset-over-airplane-wing Instagram picture just isn’t doing it for you. Instead of creeping through your friends’ old study abroad pictures for the thousandth time, here are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for a feed full of fresh travel inspiration to fawn over.

1. @NYTimesTravel: Follow the New York Times Travel account for pictures of global food, culture, architecture and landscapes. NYT Travel’s coolest feature is its short video snapshots called “36 hours in,” which give you a feel for a different city in each post. You’ll definitely add more cities to your bucket list after going through these videos.

2. @JethroMullen: A journalist at CNN who’s based in Hong Kong, Mullen’s photography gives you a glimpse of city life from the most unique angles and perspectives. Focusing more on the interesting landscape of towering skyscrapers instead of people in the city, this account will make you appreciate the tone that architecture sets for a city.

3. @NatGeoTravel: The authority on travel photography, the National Geographic Travel account provides snapshots of every setting you’ve every dreamed of visiting with thousands of stunning, wallpaper-worthy shots of animals, sunsets and historical sites of interest.

4. @TravelAndLeisure: Like National Geographic, Travel and Leisure has the most vivid, unreal photography of food, landscapes and bustling cities – all the best parts of traveling. Even familiar sites that we’ve seen many times, like the Eiffel Tower, look jaw-droppingly gorgeous in unique lighting. 

5. @Fursty: If city living isn’t your style, Fursty is based in the Pacific Northwest – ideal for outdoorsy, woodsy landscapes and scenery. With cool grey undertones to most of his photography, this account will get you into the rainy day mood fast.

6. @TravelingLens: A New York City-based photographer, Traveling Lens will rekindle your obsession with the Big City. The gorgeous, beautifully lit cityscapes capture all the corners of NYC.

For amazing, quality photography of some of the farthest flung parts of the world, make sure to add these accounts to your Instagram feed. Cue the daydreaming and bucket list drafting!   

Antara Sinha is a sophomore journalism/pre-med major at the University of Florida. She is a contributing writer for USA Today College, and this is her third semester as a writer for Her Campus UFL. Her interests include health, science and lifestyle writing, and she plans on pursing medical and science journalism.
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