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53 Times Kevin Malone From The Office Was Applicable To Anything Good That Could Ever Happen

There’s no denying that Kevin Malone from The Office has been an inspiration to us all. His love for pigs in a blanket and double fudge brownies perfectly sums up just how great some of the little things in life are. Here are 53 times that Kevin and his “charm-type” face perfectly summed up anything good that has ever happened to you.  

1. When a vending machine accepts your dollar on the first try.

2. When you go to an event and there is free food.

3.Waking up rested from a nap and realizing barely any time has passed.

4. When your teacher cancels your 8 a.m. class.

5. When the line at Starbucks actually isn’t long for once.

6. When the Domino’s pizza tracker says your pizza is out for delivery.

7. And when the Domino’s delivery guy is super hot.

8. When you get in bed and remember that your sheets are freshly washed.

9. When you get a match on Tinder.

10. When you successfully maneuver yourself through Turlington Plaza without getting attacked by people flyering.

11. When you spot a cutie in your class on the first day.

12. When your parents fill up your gas tank while you’re home.

13. When Tobi is having a 50 percent off sale.

14. When you get a compliment on your new outfit.

15. When Publix is having great BOGO deals.

16.When you light a new candle for the first time and your room smells like heaven.

17. When someone plays with your hair.

18. When your make it onto your sorority’s Tumblr page.

19. When you see a puppy on campus.  

20. When you paint your nails before bed and the sheets don’t ruin them.

21. When Grey’s Anatomy comes back on.

22. When your teacher tells you your paper can be double-spaced.

23. When pumpkin spice season starts up again.

24. When Starbucks spells your name right.

25. When your Instagram breaks 100 likes.

26. When your teacher tells you they will post the PowerPoint lectures online.

27. When the textbook isn’t required for class.

28. When you get a care package from your parents.

29. When you wake up and realize you still have another hour until your alarm goes off.

30. When grandma sends you money on irrelevant holidays.

31. When the microwave beeps and your pizza rolls are ready.

32. When the chips don’t cost extra at a Mexican restaurant.

33. When you get a foot massage during your pedicure.

34. When you finally lay in bed after pulling an all-nighter.

35. When you miraculously ace the pop quiz.  

36. When you find out they give student discounts.

37. When your jam comes on at the club.

38. When you put on clothes fresh out of the dryer.

39. When the grocery store has free samples.

40. When you put on sweatpants right after shaving your legs.

41. When you find a parking space on campus at UF.

42. Finding a curly fry in your order of straight fries.

43. When you’ve been walking around campus all day and you walk into a building and the AC hits you.

44. When you want Chick-fil-A and it’s not Sunday.

45. When the restaurant has that perfectly crushed ice like Tijuana Flats.

46. When your iPhone is on one percent but you find a charger.

47. When you get a free Victoria’s Secret underwear coupon in the mail.

48. When the craft you make actually looks like it did on Pinterest.

49. When you successfully avoid the creepy guy at the bar.

50. When your teacher says there’s a curve on the exam.

51. When you walk out of your last class on Friday.

52. When you wake up and realize it’s gameday.

53. When the Gators are ranked again.

Kevin just seems to understand the only appropriate reaction when these things happen. He nails the role of pure excitement. Try to go through this semester as happy as Kevin was when Angela made double-fudge brownies at the Christmas party.

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